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We find the right tenants for your property. We only charge 2% commission instead of the 8% all-in fee that real estate agencies normally charge.

Why choose RentSlam to find a tenant?

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RentSlam reaches many homeseekers and has an up-to-date database with lots of candidates. We provide you with all the professional help you may need before, during and after the rental process. However, we only charge you for what you really need, instead of an all-in price like most agencies do. Generally speaking Real Estate agents in Amsterdam charge 8% +VAT on your yearly rental rate. This is approximately 1 month rent as a fee. If you want a managed service, the cost can even go up to 12%. Many of the tasks real estate agents do, or claim to do, are less time consuming than they make you believe. And some of those tasks you can easily do yourself, so why pay them such high commission?

How it works

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We will assist you throughout the process of renting as much or as little as you want. Since you can do most of the tasks yourself, you decide what you want us to do for you and what you need us to manage. In general the way it works is as follows:

  1. You send us a description of the property along with pictures
  2. We find suitable tenants for you
  3. We schedule viewings with tenants for you
  4. We give you standard contracts (in Dutch & English) which you can use
  5. You select the preferred tenant and sign the contract with them



If you decide that you want help with any part of the process in addition to what we do for free, you can choose to get help with the following tasks:

  1. Creating a description and taking pictures of the property
  2. Doing background checks on selected tenants
  3. Do the viewings with 1 or more tenants
  4. Customizing and filling out the contract
  5. Handling the first month rent and deposit

The standard price for any of these tasks is €75 per item. Details are available upon your request.

Managed service

managed service

If you need a professional managed property service, we can take care of any inconvenience and/or service required by you or the tenant during their stay.

The fee for managed services start at 2% per month depending on the type of property.

Stop paying high agency fees. Use RentSlam!

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