Rent out your house

want to rent out your house?

Lucky enough to own property in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague or Utrecht and want to find some people to rent it to? Hate the insane 8% fee that real estate agencies charge? We can help you find reliable tenants and create fair and solid contracts for you. We make tenant hunting and property ownership simple and efficient. And the bonus is that we only charge 2%

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why rent out your house with rentslam?

why find tenants through us?

Because the people using our service are actively looking for places to live, meaning it’s all going to happen a lot faster through us. We also allow you to upload photos and descriptions of your place, talk with potential tenants and with the push of a button create contracts between you and your chosen tenants when you’re finally ready to commit. We’re also non-exclusive so you can still look to rent out your house on other listing sites, we like to keep it casual. And if you’d still rather involve a Real Estate agent, that’s cool too.

So, how does it work through RentSlam?

  1. Take photos of your apartment and write a detailed description.

  2. Create a Home-Owners account on RentSlam and upload the pictures and description. *(At the moment we are working on an upgrade, so creating the account yourself is not possible for now, please email us first.)

  3. As soon as you start getting applicants, invite them for viewings.

  4. When you are happy with a particular tenant, and have agreed on the rental with them, you let us know, and we will create the contract for you.

Have property but aren’t management material

RentSlam does not offer full property management services. However, we can put you in contact with a trustwothy company that does, for anyone who doesn’t want to do it themselves. If you live out of town or are simply too busy, they can help professionally manage all your properties, be it financial management, technical management or administrative management.

Their genuine care and expertise means you can relax knowing your investment is in good hands.

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Rent out your house