Renting out your house in Amsterdam is not too complicated and could be a great investment. RentSlam lets you find tenants to rent out your house in the fastest way possible. Add your house now to find a reliable tenant.

Renting out your house in Amsterdam – 3 ways

1. Find a tenant yourself.

You can rent out your house yourself. You need to find a tenant, have a good contract, and of course, some free time. No real estate agent means no 8% commission. Find the best tenants on RentSlam and get the contract made for only 2%.

2. Rent out your house with help

You could, of course, choose to rent out your house in Amsterdam with a little help. You would do the things you can easily do yourself, and a real estate agent does the rest. Rent out your house with help for only 5%.

3. Use a real estate agent

No time to find tenants and do the viewings yourself? Get a real estate agent to do it all. Our real estate agents have your best interest at heart, respond quickly and give proper advice? Let us help you from beginning to end for 7%.

Property management in Amsterdam

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Of course, you can do a lot yourself, but what if you live abroad, or simply don't have time to do the property management when renting out your house in Amsterdam? RentSlam can professionally take care of the management of your property. Full property management is available, but if you prefer only financial management or technical management, that is also possible.

Why rent out your house with RentSlam

1. Speed

Because every day more than 500 Expats and locals are actively looking for a place to live in Amsterdam with RentSlam. These are not people just browsing, they pay a fee to use our search robots, and are thus actively searching for a rental. We rent out properties much faster than most other service providers.

2. Ease of use

Our platform lets you upload pictures and a description of your house, communicate with potential tenants, and, with the push of a button, create contracts (in Dutch as well as in English). You could even have your property listed on Funda and Pararius if you want.

3. Worry-free

Do you want to rent out your house worry-free, then you are in great hands with the real estate agents we work with. They are very professional, trustworthy and friendly. They will do all the work for you, create a professional presentation of your property, and will do the viewings and the contracting for you.

Rent out your house in Amsterdam to Expats and locals

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It is often said that it is better to rent to Expats than to locals. However, the advantage is often not as big as most people think. Also, the rules concerning long-term renting have changed. It is now much easier to rent long term on a temporary basis, without having the risk that you cannot move back in or sell your property at a later point in time. At RentSlam we help many reliable tenants, about 60% locals, and 40% expats. If you have any questions about how we work and/or about our tenants, feel free to contact us.

Renting a purchased home in Amsterdam – Rules & Regulations

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If you plan to rent out your home in Amsterdam, there are some important rules & regulations you need to take into account. The government has a lot of rules to protect tenants and landlords. There is a "points system" to split the rental market into social housing and free sector housing when renting out your house in Amsterdam. Most information is on the website of the municipality of Amsterdam. If you have a mortgage on the property, your bank may also have regulations. If you have any questions, please contact us.

The price for renting out your house in Amsterdam

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Real estate agents charge 8% commission over the yearly rental fee. With RentSlam you choose what you do yourself and what you would like to outsource. Do it yourself for 2%, Get some help for 5% or outsource the entire process to a trustworthy and experienced real estate agent with all the additional benefits of RentSlam for 7%.

Rent out your house in Amsterdam now

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Are you ready to start renting out your house? Think about the amount of time you want to invest, register and choose one of the 3 options. Whichever you choose, RentSlam, but also our real estate agents and property managers are ready to help you. So stop hesitating and start renting out your property.

Stop paying high agency fees. Use RentSlam!

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