Fortunately, I was able to stay with family upon arrival, so I was not under such pressure as I understand most people are. After staying with my cousin for a while, I decided it was time to find my own apartment. I first started searching the many websites and I found many nice listings. However, I soon came to understand that it was almost impossible to rent them. By the time I got there and responded, they were already rented out. In many cases I was also not very confident about the legitimacy of the “so called” owner. When I started using Rentslam that all changed. I got invited to view almost every house I responded to. The housing search became fun instead of dreadful. It took me very little time to find the perfect apartment in the center of Amsterdam.

I do recommend that you offer to pay half a year or a year in advance if you do not have a fixed income. Not meeting income requirements, like was my situation, can make it a bit harder. But this way, it becomes much easier to be selected. (Be aware of scams though, I have seen many of those using other services. Fortunately, none on Rentslam though.) Love the service.

Best regards,