Cheapest rentals in Amsterdam – 2018

Goedkoopste huurwoningen in Amsterdam

Ok, let’s be honest, rentals in Amsterdam are not exactly cheap. That’s why we have written the third edition of this blog in which we tell you which neighborhoods are the cheapest rentals in Amsterdam (read: least expensive)

In 2017 the top 3 was; Zuidoost, Nieuw-West and Noord.  We have collected all the data of the first 9 months of 2018, filtered and analyzed it to find the cheapest rentals in Amsterdam. We only used data from houses that came onto the market for rent in the free housing sector (vrije sector) with rents starting at €711. So social housing has NOT been considered for this comparison. Which neighborhoods are in the top 3 this year?

Nr.3 Amsterdam Noord

This year Noord is on the 3rd spot again. Now with an average m2 price of €19,45. That is quite an increase from last year. But compared to the average m2 price of €29,24 in the center of Amsterdam you could still call it somewhat affordable. Maybe worth considering taking the pond every day?

Nr.2 Amsterdam Nieuw-West

The top 3 seems to be repeating itself, because Nieuw-West is also on the same spot again. This year with an average m2 price of €17,41. Of course you would rather live in West, maybe west is more fun, or you want to live closer to the center. But in that case, you will have to be prepared to spend much more, as the average m2 in West is €26,29.

Nr.1 Amsterdam Zuidoost

And yet again, the winner is Zuidoost. Exactly the same top 3 as last year. This time with an average m2 price of €15,46. In comparison, the average m2 price in Oost is € 23,64 per m2. But maybe the bonus is an interesting option for you… Many might disagree with us, but we like Zuidoost. There is lots of green, open spaces and it is very well connected by public transport. Why don’t you head over there for a walking tour and find out if this could be your new neighborhood?

BONUS: Duivendrecht

Officially, Duivendrecht, just as Diemen, is not part of Amsterdam. But it is so conveniently located between Amsterdam Oost and Amsterdam Zuidoost, that we do not want to withhold this from you. In Duivendrecht you can still find a house for rent at an average m2 price of €13,70. Surely that is worth your consideration to find the cheapest rentals in Amsterdam.

How can Rentslam Help?

Cheap rentals are almost a thing of the past in Amsterdam, unless you are willing to wait for at least 10 years to get a social sector house. But to be able to get the most affordable houses that are available immediately, you need to bring your A game. You need to check tons of websites 20 times a day and hope to get lucky. But there is a better way to find cheap houses for rent. That is why we started RentSlam. Using artificial intelligence, our service sends you an email instantly, every time a new house for rent comes online and matches your search criteria. We only work with trustworthy sources, so you don’t need to worry about scams, it saves you tremendous amounts of time and it greatly enhances your chances to actually rent a place.

Do you want a cheap rental in Amsterdam?

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