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About us

RentSlam came into existence out of personal frustrations with the rental market in Amsterdam (later on we found that RotterdamThe HagueUtrecht and other cities are dealing with the same problems). Our friend and colleague Peter van den Hout developed a tool to help him find a house fast. It worked great, and so the idea to help others was born. We (Peter de Vreede and Raul Amedey) have grown the initial tool into a platform that really helps people find and offer housing for rent with Artificial Intelligence. Now we successfully help hundreds of people every month.

If you are interested in knowing more about current developments surrounding Rentslam, would like to contribute in any way or just want to have a cup of coffee with us, please reach out below!

Our team


Peter de Vreede

Peter studied International Management in Amsterdam and has worked at several multinational companies in sales and consulting roles. He spent lots of time abroad in many different cities for studies and work. But what lead him to co-found RentSlam was his experience of helping people in other startups such as JustLanded (a website dedicated to helping expats), where it became clear that housing was one of the biggest problems people face when moving to big cities. So after a detour, Peter finally found his destiny; Let’s make finding a house suck less.

Raúl Amedey Ciria

Raúl holds a master’s degree in computer science and has more than 15 years of experience working as a software engineer. As a current renter himself, he agrees, the process sucks. In the last years he has been focusing on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing, and he’s obsessed with creating a phenomenal apartment hunting experience. He wants everyone to find housing for rent with Artificial Intelligence. He loves swimming, dancing, and traveling around the world. If you bump into him on the dance floor, say hi!
Marketing Manager

Nico van Schooten

Nico is the youngest of the team. His first experience with RentSlam was as a customer. After finding his home and being very impressed with the service, he decided to give RentSlam a call. The telephone conversation resulted in a freelance assignment that Nico carried out for a year and a half. Now he has fully joined RentSlam as a marketeer and customer service representative. With a background at a marketing company within the rental housing sector, this was a perfect match. Nico is very social, likes good food and drinks with friends. He finds a good conversation (with a nice cup of coffee) much better than an email!