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Your rental agent for all rental properties

Stop staring at many rental sites for hours a day trying to find a house for rent, and say goodbye to “Sorry, it has already been rented”!

Real Estate Agent

Our rental agents will not only help you find the right rental property, but they will also do many other important things for you. We will:

  • Check your needs and wants against the offer on the market.
  • Scan all home rental websites over 1.000 times a day.
  • Make sure you see properties that never come on the market.
  • Schedule viewings for you before others even find the listings.
  • Protect you from mistakes during the rental process.
  • Make offers and do negotiations on your behalf.
  • Check your rental contract.
  • Assist you with check-in and check-out inspection.
  • Connect you to utilities, internet, etc.
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Do it yourself

Have plenty of spare time to do it all yourself or simply can’t afford it? Use our search bots and become your own Real Estate agent. You will get:

  • 4 personal search bots to become your own rental agent.
  • Bots scan all home rental websites over 1.000 times a day.
  • Receive every home for rent 24/7 via Email & WhatsApp.
  • Check out the new listings before others find them.
  • Apply the instant they come online.
  • Get invited to many viewings
  • We check your contract for you.
  • No commission to be paid when you rent.
  • 14 days no good money back guarantee.
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“Choose agents or bots, with Rentslam you will have your new rental home before you know it!”

Fill in the form below to rent a house with the help of a Professional Rental Agent

Attention: Available in the whole of the Netherlands, but only for rental prices starting at €1,200 per month. We work together with partners that also use RentSlam. Your details might be sent to one of our partners to help you rent a house.


Nothing in life is free. The costs are 1 month rent + VAT with a minimum of €1.650 and a maximum of €2.950. We do a lot of work for you, and we make sure you don’t end up with a bad house or a nasty lease. So if you want certainty or if you just don’t have the time to arrange it all yourself, then it is definitely worth the money. Would you prefer to pay a fixed fee and do the viewings yourself, than that is also possible for €1.350 + VAT. Please fill in the form above if you want our help in finding you a house for rent.