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Your letting Real estate agent for all your properties

Never again miss any rental income due to vacancy or defaulters, and never again have problems with bad tenants!

Advantages of using a Letting agent

Letting agents can help you with more than you think. Deciding what the best rent amount is, making a professional presentation of your property(s), screening potential tenants etc. It’s not free, but you get value for money, the best tenants and you save yourself a lot of time and misery.

Letting agent

Our real estate letting agents will help you find the right tenant(s). But they will do many other important things for you, such as:

  • Determining the rental value of the property.
  • Making a presentation of the property with professional photos.
  • Listing the property on RentSlam.
  • Advertising the property through multiple channels to find tenants.
  • Screening tenants for reliability.
  • Planning and conducting viewings.
  • Drafting rental agreements.
  • Arranging the check-in and check-out inspection.
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Do It Yourself

Do you have enough free time to do it all yourself or do you think an agent is too expensive? Use our platform and become your own letting agent.

  • Personal online environment to publish your property(s).
  • Automatic matching with thousands of potential tenants.
  • Receive responses from interested tenants.
  • Standard professional rental agreements (ROZ)
  • Free advice.
  • No commission to pay, so completely free.
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“Letting agent or do it yourself, with RentSlam you will have the best tenant in your property before you know it!”

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Attention: currently only available in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Haarlem, Almere and surroundings.


Doing it yourself is completely free. Handing over all the hard work to a letting agent costs 8% + VAT of the annual rent. That works out to about 1 month’s rent. That may seem like a lot of money, but we do a lot of work for you, and we make sure you’re not stuck with annoying tenants or a bad rental contract. If you want our help to rent out your property(s) for you, please fill in the form above.