Catarina Rocha

"RentSlam helped me with the most biggest challenge in the Netherlands for expats, to rent a nice and affordable apartment! With RentSlam service the process was way quicker and smoother than my last experience. Thank you RentSlam team for making my life easier :D"

Tshiela Tshipanda

In deze bizarre tijd een woning gevonden!

"After about a month, we found a very nice little house in Amsterdam. It met all our requirements. RentSlam does what it is supposed to do. In the end, RentSlam's functionality did get us there. Without RentSlam, we would never have found this property, let alone in time."

Joël Oei

razendsnel een woning gevonden

"It was very nice that you are always the first to know about new offers from the largest estate agents in the region, in my case Rotterdam. This way, you are guaranteed a viewing, as these often revolve around how quickly you respond."

Rafael Metekohy


It's easy and simple. You'll see your searches appear in your mail, making it easy and quick to respond to your homes so you have a better chance of finding your new home.

Gabriel Faerstein

"My girlfriend and I were scared and sceptical about our possibilities to find a nice place in Amsterdam, as prices and competition are so high! We signed up for Rentslam after a few months of looking around and within 10 days we found the perfect place - within our budget, preferred location and even with a garden! Rentslam exceeded our expectations, we are recommending it to all of our friends!"

Gaya Nahum

Cannot recommend rentslam more!

"Highly recommend rentslam for anyone looking for a home! I was worried about finding a place as I didn’t have much time and am a student with low income. But within two weeks we had two viewings and within a month a new apartment! Cannot recommend rentslam more!"

Katy Dietrich

Rentslam saved me loads of times.

"Rentslam was so helpful! It saved me a lot of work and searching and just found the right places for me by itself! Great website!"

Dajana Perkic

Hoe vind je binnen 3 weken een woning? Via Rentslam!


As we were several times one of the first to respond to a property, we were allowed to come and view several houses. In the end, we found our dream house within 3 weeks. We are very grateful to Rentslam!

Annebrit van Loenen

Simpel een huurwoning gevonden!

"I found a new home within 1.5 months that meets all my requirements! Am super happy with it and am going to live there with a lot of pleasure."

Stijn van Maurik

Rentslam werkt ook voor woningdelers!

"Within 6 days, we had found a house for sharers through Rentslam! By being able to use different searches, Rentslam automatically sends all kinds of properties within your search profile, super convenient!"

Andrea van Tatenhove

We vonden een appartement in Amsterdam door Rentslam.

"We found a new rental flat within a month. This was mainly because new offers were sent every day from Rentslam. Super chill! No need to go scrolling the entire internet yourself."

Hein Zelisse

Betaalbaar en snel een woning gevonden via Rentslam.


Fantastic concept: always the first if you call the estate agent immediately after receiving an email. Also very affordable. Rentslam is a must for anyone looking for a rental property!