Marije Seijn

Marije Seijn

" is a great way to find a house and to get introduced to all the different housing corporations, especially for expats or when you don’t know the Amsterdam housing market."

Richard Mescher

Richard Mescher

" is a great idea, very nice and easy. They give you lots of options and it not hard to manage :)"

Jorge Hernández

Jorge Hernández

"Since the first day we registered on we started to get results... With patience and luck, we found our new and amazing place... We are really happy now... We just moved in one week ago... :) Thank you RentSlam"

Donna Schipper

Donna Schipper

" helped us to get to know a lot of real estate agents and the processes they use. We attended multiple viewings for apartments that we received via Rentslam. Using Rentslam really felt like a smoothener in the overall process of looking for and applying for housing options."

Frederick Simons

Frederick Simons

"2x already helped us to find a house. Definitely recommended."

Fiona Anang


"My partner and I were skeptical about a paid housing search service in the beginning. We could not recognize the added value at the time. After registration on we received email every day with home (s) within our area of interest. After a number of viewings, we were selected for a house and accepted it. We therefore recommend this service to all house hunters. A small investment with great results. We are also very pleased with the aftercare and mediation in utilities and connections. Again absolutely worth it. Keep it up Rentslam"

Kasper Verhoog


"Rentslam has helped me very well with finding a new home; I only had 1 month left to find a new home and thanks to Rentslam I had a beautiful new home in Amsterdam Zuid within 3 weeks. The good thing about Rentslam is that you are informed very quickly when an apartment becomes available, so you can react very quickly and often be one of the first. In my case, this worked perfectly: I was the first viewer and signed the contract the same day!"

Lorena Camporro


"We were receiving offers from every day in our inbox so we could see very fast what was new and apply for the houses. Within a month we had found our new house, which is quite fast nowadays. After moving in a week ago we already feel at home and we are happier than ever!"

Riccardo van der Gaag


"With you get a lot of properties. It is very convenient that you can keep track of the many offers in your email, even if they are not all a perfect match. We have been able to rent our house quickly and it went very smoothly for us."

Samuel McHugh


" lets you be the first to respond to newly posted listings. Being one of the first people to view an apartment helps you find the best deals as soon as they go online. The apartment I now live in was posted the same day as I did the viewing and it meant the number of candidate tenants I was competing with was quite small. My Colleagues were surprised I found an apartment so fast and I do not have to feel like I settled. Thanks RentSlam."

Ad de Kroon


"With you get a good insight into the parties / organizations that offer housing and the conditions to qualify. You can respond much faster and therefore are much more likely to find a home."

Christopher Müller


" IS REALLY RECOMMENDED. I had shared my search on Facebook and instragram, and heard from several friends that we could find something via Rentslam. Rentslam is very good, and you stay informed of the latest rental homes that are released. We have been to viewings several times using RentSlam. We finally have a home in Amsterdam."