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Why RentSlam works great

Because we are much faster than any other service available, this means you can respond to listings before other people. We use all trustworthy sources, this means you get many more matching properties than you can find by yourself. So you will find a house with RentSlam. The statistics don’t lie, check them below!

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Is RentSlam free?

No, we are a software company, so we do not charge any commission when you find a house. But in order to make this service awesome, we do need a contribution. You can use RentSlam for as little as €0,54 a day. If you want to know more about the options we have, read about our pricing here.

The best & the fastest since 2016

After many months of searching the free market, I started using RentSlam and managed to rent find a place matching all my needs, within 7 weeks. There are many ads published every day and a fast reply can get you viewings quickly, I recommend the service for sure!


In such a competitive housing market, it is such an advantage to be the first to know! Rentslam helped us tremendously in getting viewings fast and renting a new apartment. I am a big fan!


Rentslam is truly a godsend when you need to rent a house fast! You get an instant email notification with available houses in the neighborhoods you choose. Ideal, we rented our new house in less than a month.


I was very desperate and thought I would not be able to find a house in Amsterdam until someone recommended Rentslam to me. I started getting so many emails a day, visited a few houses and bam, found my own house in 3 weeks. The special thing about this is that many houses do not go through Funda, so many people don’t even get to see the full offer. Highly recommended!


RentSlam really helped us contact the apartments faster than anybody else, that gave us a bigger chance. And that is how we got the apartment.


We signed up for Rentslam in July and by August we had a rental property! The house we signed up for had about 300 applicants, but we were one of the first to be contacted thanks to Rentslam.

If you are serious about finding a house
you need to use RentSlam

RentSlam uses AI to search on all trustworthy rental sites 24/7. As soon as a new rental listing comes online you receive it within 30 seconds. You will get more invitations for viewings and you will rent a house faster.

Our formula for success

With RentSlam, you are always one step ahead in your search for a rental property.

A wide range of listings
With smart technology and AI, we search 1000+ rental sites for you. This allows us to send you many homes that meet your needs.
Faster than fast
We run your search every 30 seconds. So you can be the first to respond to each property and schedule a viewing right away.
Service beyond imagination
We have been doing this for 7 years and know how difficult it can be to find a house for rent. Need our help? You can always call or email us.
Frequently asked questions
1.In which cities can I use RentSlam?
RentSlam works throughout the Netherlands. So you can sign up with confidence. But not every city has many homes for rent, so if you are moving to a place that most people have never heard of, let us know. Then we can make an extra effort to find you all the houses for rent there as well.
2.How long does it take to rent a property?
Probably the most frequently asked question! The answer depends on the circumstances. Many of our customers manage to get a rental home within a week, others take over a month. The better your search matches what is on the market, the faster it will be. The main factors that affect how long it takes to find a rental property are 1) Is your budget in line with the rest of your search? 2) How quickly you respond to the listings we send you 3) How well you meet the landlord’s requirements 4) The size of your search area
3.What are realistic expectations in terms of budget?
Thanks for asking, hopefully we can shed some light on this. Our blog has a lot of information about the average price per square meter in the cities we do. But please note that these are averages, sometimes you get lucky and find a bargain, but sometimes you have to be patient and realistic. If you want exact data for your city, contact us and we’ll let you know.
4.Why isn’t RentSlam free?
If we could, we would offer RentSlam to everyone for free. But: We work very hard to make RentSlam perform optimally and send you all available rental properties super fast. And the services we use to do this cost money. On top of that, we have the weird habit of eating 3 times a day, and we also need a roof over our heads so that we can continue to provide you with this great service. And by the way, if it was completely free, then everyone would use RentSlam and the big advantage of being first would suddenly be much smaller. So it is also in your interest that we ask for a small contribution.
5.I want a property where pets are allowed, how do I find one?
Pet filters are unnecessary. Nowhere in the law does it say that you can prohibit a tenant from bringing a pet. So even if the landlord doesn’t like your cute dog, he can’t stop you from bringing it. The only exception to this is if it is mentioned in the bylaws of the homeowners’ association. So you might want to check just to be sure. Of course, if your pet is causing a lot of nuisance to the neighbours, you may have to leave the house with your pet after a long legal process.
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