we make apartment hunting suck less

No more browsing rental sites for hours a day, and say goodbye to “sorry, this apartment has already been rented”!

  • We search all trustworthy sources over 300 times a day for you.
  • You can apply before others are even aware of the listing.
  • You will rent that house before you know it!

How to rent a house with RentSlam


step 1

tell us what you need

fill in your preferences, so we know which rental houses and apartments to send you. You can adjust this at any time. Keep in mind that Amsterdam is BOOMING so make sure your expectations and your budget are in sync.

step 2

apply to rentals

we scan all trustworthy websites offering rental properties, using your settings from step 1. We do this every minute, 24/7. Every time we find a match, we email it to you instantly. You just need to apply to the ones you like.

step 3

share your success

when you apply to the rental houses we sent you in step 2, the owners and real estate agents will invite you to viewings. Go to as many as you can, and you will be signing that rental contract with them before you know it! Now you can share your success by telling everyone.

Receive all rental listings at lightning speed

That is right, we are faster than any other service available, and you will find a house with RentSlam. And since we are not a real estate agency, we do not charge any commission when you find a house. But in order to make this service awesome, we do need a contribution. Read about our pricing here


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