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Caterina and Niko

We received lots of rentals and were invited to many viewings. We rented an apartment within days.

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Rentslam monitors the web 24/7, finds houses as soon as they get published and matches them with your criteria

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Why use RentSlam?

Wasting your time searching?

We save you time

We check most sources on the internet and send you matches by e-mail. You no longer have to spend your time doing that several times a day.

Is the listing always rented out?

We get you there faster

We check for available rentals every 5 minutes. We e-mail you matches instantly. You are now amongst the first to see it.

Getting charged high agency fees?

We save you money

We are not a real estate agent, so we do not charge agency fees. Agencies charge 1 month rent or similar fee to find you a long term rental.

Running into scams often?

We filter scams

The housing shortage has attracted many scammers. We use safe sources so you will not get cheated out of your money.

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