q: i’ve been on your site for 20 minutes and still don’t get what you can do for me?

A: Basically we save you time by using code to sweep every listing, every 60 seconds, so you don’t have to spend hours of your life looking, you can just check your email. The fact we do it so often also means you will no longer be too late to respond. On top of that, since all listings we find are public, you don’t have to spend high fees on middle men.

q: i’m new to the city and don’t have a good grasp yet on what are realistic expectations when it comes to budget v.s. preferences.

A: First of all, WELCOME TO AMSTERDAM, we really hope you love our little city and it’s big personality. Second, thanks for asking, hopefully we can shed some light on that for you. Here is a resource we recommend to see the average square meter price. Please do note however, these are averages, sometimes you get lucky and find a gem, sometimes you have to be patience and realistic.

q: you said if i use rentslam i wouldn’t have to pay an agent but i’m still paying an agent and i don’t love that?

A: Ugh, this one really annoys us too. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY THAT FEE. We promise, and if you already have, you can still get your money back. Follow this link and let us know if you need help sorting this. You can also find the form needed to file for money back here.

q: i applied to one of the amazing apartments you found for me but when i viewed it i was told that they don’t rent to students and i am a student, should i sent rentslam a glitter bomb?

A: It sucks that some people won’t rent to students, how age-ist of them. Unfortunately (and we know cause we always try) we can’t control other people’s actions. The minute we develop Jedi mind control-type abilities however we will let you know, if we’re not too busy taking over the world.

q: all the places i seem to find have crazy high income requirements?

A: Yeah, those suck. But chin-up, cowboy, because not all of them do. Housing corporations often require your salary to be 3x the rent price/ month. With private renters it’s usually less fixed and more flexible. Unfortunately, we have zero control over this and think it’s as bogus as you do. For more, iamsterdam has some helpful info!

q: may i also find homes in the social sector through rentslam?

A: No. You’re looking for Woningnet, not RentSlam. Be advised however, the average wait time for Social Housing is around 10 years so you might also be looking for a time machine.  

q: should i send you an angry email because rentslam emailed me a place they said was a match but was only for people 65+ and i am 30?

A: We’re sorry to hear that we emailed you a place that you couldn’t apply for, our service isn’t perfect. Though this has to be one of the only times being 55+ is better than being 30, so we encourage you to count your blessings, and we’re happy you looked here before firing off an angry email.

q: i can’t find balcony or garden space in the preferences list, what’s the deal rentslam?  

A: You’re not blind, that option isn’t available…yet. Often the listings leave those details out so it’s hard for us to find them and share them with you, but I promise we’re working on it.

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