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4 x what to look for when viewing a rental property

Once in a while an apartment comes by that is just right in every way. That apartment can be yours. The properties for rent in the city are not cheap, and getting one is not easy. As soon as the time has come to start doing viewings, you should be well prepared and nicely dressed. But what do you need to look out for when viewing a rental property in Amsterdam?

Tip 1: Create the perfect wish list

It really does happen; people that let a house pass them by because the wall is not the color they would have liked or because the kitchen is not exactly as they would have hoped. There is not wrong with knowing what you want, but make sure they are important things and that there are not too many on your list, 3 to 5 max. They should be things you cant live without, like a bathtub, a balcony or 2 bedrooms minimum. Don’t stray away from these requirements, even if the owner or the real estate agent has a convincing pitch.

Tip 2: Look around when viewing a rental property

It is an old saying (in Dutch anyways): “Better a good neighbor than a far away friend”. So ring the neighbors doorbel, ask them how they like the neighborhood and if they are happy with their house. Look at how clean/tidy the street is and if you see balconies loaded with crates of beer. What also works well is to come back at night and see what it is like then.

Tip 3: How much noise can you handle?

It could just happen in Amsterdam, a freight train passing by your bedroom window in the middle of the night, or noisy tourists. Other noises to look out for are: bars, busy roads, church bells or child playgrounds. In short, be well informed and consider if is an option to use earplugs.

Tip 4: Check all corners and holes

You don’t want to get stuck with the bill for rotten window frames. If a house is not in acceptable condition, you can discuss this with the with the owner or real estate agent, but if you are ignored after signing the contract, you are stuck with the problem. Nobody needs that stress, so in order to prevent getting these troubles it is good to pay attention to details like moist, fungus in the bathroom, the quality of the boiler and the window closures. The last one an even save some money in heating cost.

How RentSlam can help

As soon as you start viewing houses, you are almost there. It can however be tough to get to that point. To be honest, finding a place to rent dove us crazy, which is why we started RentSlam. We send you an email every time a new house is published that meets your requirements, and we only work with trustworthy sources so you wont get scammed. It saves you lots of time and increases your chances amazingly. Give it a go.

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