Huisgenoten om samen te huren

Choosing a flatmate in Amsterdam, this is how it’s done.

To make living in Amsterdam a reality, you may need to look for a flatmate more often than desired. Together, it seems to be a lot more fun than alone, if you pick the right person. Hence these tips: Choosing a flatmate in Amsterdam, this is how it’s done.

Choosing a flatmate whom is right for you?

A number of aspects of cohabitation must be considered in advance. Often there is not one “good” or “bad”, rather one: to what extent are we going to get along. Having said this, please consider:

How much you want to do together.
Do you each go your own way all the time or is there a fixed day a week on which you cook an oven dish together?

What you want to share.
Shampoo, Toothpaste, Olive oil. Is everything bought separately from the local supermarket because you have specific wishes or are these types of things shared? The funniest thing we heard was a flatmate who did not want his toothbrush touching his flatmate’s toothbrush.

How wild do you want it.
Does your alarm clock go off at 07.10 every day? Then choosing a flatmate who is in the same phase of life as you are, and does not party every day, when looking for a flatmate in Amsterdam. Also important: what’s up with pets and what about smokers?

The Flatmate Agreement

Once selected, there are still a number of practical matters for which you can make clear agreements, put them in a contract.

  • Dividing tasks. Who does what in the household and who makes the payments. If you are in agreement, stick to the schedule. It is so much less hassle.
  • Take good care of stuff. Whoever breaks it pays for it. Also do not throw with things like remote controls and slam doors.
  • Keep out. Someone’s room is someone’s room. An area where you will not come unless otherwise indicated.

Solving conflicts

To ensure that no doors are slammed at any time, it is useful to solve problems in a diplomatic way. What essentially matters is to treat the other as you would like to be treated yourself. Furthermore, it is very easy to learn to share. Note to all “only child’s” out there: the remote is not yours only. Furthermore, a monthly meeting helps to eliminate all small and big differences at once.

How can RentSlam help?

Where you successful in choosing a flatmate and are you ready to live together? Then you just need to find that perfect apartment house first. To be very honest, it drove us insane to go through all the steps to find a rental property in Amsterdam. That’s why we started RentSlam. Our service will send you an email every time a home appears online that meets your requirements. We only work with reliable sources, so you do not have to worry about scams. And it saves you an incredible amount of time, because checking out all the sources 10 times a day is no longer necessary. Try it yourself.

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