Prinsengracht Amsterdam

Rent a house next to the most expensive houses in Amsterdam

Rent in Amsterdam is expensive, sometimes even ridiculous. That is why we dream about buying a house, because those home owners have it made. They are set (in stone). And us? We can’t buy yet. What we can do though is live in a great rental, right next to those expensive houses in Amsterdam. Suddenly the m2 prices of rentals in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid and Centrum don’t look that pricey anymore. Not that it is cheap, but there are more possibilities than you would have thought.

Rent in Amsterdam is Expensive

A house for sale costs an average of €4300 per m2 according to the real estate agents association NVM, but for 15m2 on the Prinsengracht an asking price of €150.000 was recently asked: that is €10.000 per m2. And it gets worse said the Paroool in an article. The line up of the 10 most expensive houses per square meter in Amsterdam.

Just like that among the posh

It should not surprise you that all these houses are in Amsterdam Centrum and in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid. Basically only posh people. Streets like Herman Heijermansweg, Van Breestraat and Prinsengracht are on this list. In the first street mentioned on the list you pay a whopping €13.287 per square meter. Good to know that you can rent a house in the same area for approximately €24 per square meter. Are you thinking about possibly moving here and want to know more about Amsterdam? Check out all the info on ExpatINFO Holland.

On the same canal for a fraction of the cost

On the canals you can also find the nicest buildings. On the Prinsengracht for instance, there was a building for sale at € 12.345 euro per m2. For this monumental penthouse you need to pay a total of 3 million Euro and another 520 Euro a month in maintenance cost. That makes it a fun fact that you can now (mid oktober) rent a house on the Prinsengract via RentSlam with 2 bedrooms and 2 balcony’s for 1750 euro. Not cheap, but in comparison much more feasible.

How RentSlam can help

Rent in Amsterdam is expensive, we know. Want to find out what is possible in terms of available rental property in Amsterdam? RentSlam can help you. Even if your budget is not that big. To be honest, finding a place to rent dove us crazy, which is why we started RentSlam. We send you an email every time a new house is published that meets your requirements, and we only work with trustworthy sources so you wont get scammed. It saves you lots of time and increases your chances amazingly. Give it a go.

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