Amsterdam vanaf Noord gezien

In these parts of Amsterdam Noord you do want to live

In this series we focus on the neighborhoods where, for Amsterdam purposes, there still are affordable houses for rent. Our goal is to find those streets that most others overlook, or are not even aware of their existence, but are definitely worth renting a house on. So you will know where to look. This month: Amsterdam Noord.

James Worthy already mentioned it in his blog on the Parool: Noord, it used to be some sort of post-apocalyptic wilderness where you would be invited at the local snackbar to join in on the stick-up of the Texaco later that night. Some Amsterdammers never even take the ferry to the other side. This has resulted in reasonable priced real estate, in comparison to other areas of the city, which makes it the ideal place to rent a house in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Noord in short:

  • The rental price is on average € 16,65 per m2 (in centrum it is € 24,56)
  • The ferry to Amsterdam Noord goes every 6 minutes (and every 12 minutes at night)
  • Of all areas in Amsterdam, the most real Amsterdammers live in Noord

Tuindorp Buiksloot: the reason to rent a house in Amsterdam Noord

Of the 16 million that the municipality is investing in improvement of parks, a chunk is going to the Noorderpark. (It will get a playground, new sport areas, lockers, hospitality and a playforest of eco-friendly material). A good indicator that the area is a priority and worth renting a house in. And this is where you can find this lovely neighborhood. Everyone greets each other in the nice small town way and on the streets you can find picknick tables where everyone can eat together. At a 5 minute bicycle ride towards the east you will find the yoga school of Mariken Fliervoet and 5 minutes west you will find de Ceuvel, which is a great place for, well, everything.

Don’t underestimate the Gentiaanbuurt in Noord

In this area of the Van der Pekstraat we find the best fish shop we know. It is called Royalvis, and you must try their calamari. The area is quiet with low buildings, it has a market and more yoga studios. Toga school Noord is at a 3 minute bicycle ride. Oh, and you are also very near to the Noorderpark, Pllek, de IJhallen and Noorderlicht at an 8 min ride.

How RentSlam can help

Now it is still relatively affordable to find houses for rent in Amsterdam Noord, and although you need the ferry to cross, we really think that now is the right time to find a place to live there. To be honest, finding a place to rent dove us crazy, which is why we started RentSlam. We send you an email every time a new house is published that meets your requirements, and we only work with trustworthy sources so you wont get scammed. It saves you lots of time and increases your chances amazingly. Give it a go.

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