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Middle rent

What is Middle Rent?

Most of us are familiar with private sector rental housing and social rental, but what is middle rent? It’s all in the name… A rental home in the middle rent sector has a rental price between social rent and free sector rent. This means the price is above the liberalization limit of €879.66 (in 2024).

For people with a relatively low income, up to a maximum of €44,035 (single-person household) or €48,625 (multi-person household) in 2024, there is the option of renting a social rental home. But if your income is above that, you are not eligible and you have to rent in the private sector. However, if your income is above these limits, it can be very difficult to rent in the private sector if you are not making way more money. That is why the so-called “middle rent” was created.

How much does a house cost in the middle rent sector?

The lower limit is the liberalization limit of €879.66 (in 2024), but there isn’t a real fixed upper limit, that will only come into existence in 2024. For the time being, it is somewhere between €1,000 and €1,200, depending on the city and your income.

What are the conditions to rent in the middle rent sector?

Depending on the rental price of the house, your income may not be above €69,573 for a house with a rental price of €1,175.72. These are figures for Amsterdam. In other cities it may vary a little.

If you currently live in a social rental home, you could get priority when renting a house in the middle rent.

The future of this sector

Hugo de Jonge, Minister for Housing and Spatial Planning, has big plans for the housing market. From 2024, many changes will be made to the points system for rental properties. As a result of these changes, lots of free-sector rental homes will move into the mid-market rental segment. This will result in a much larger supply of mid-rental rents and thus renting a home will become a lot cheaper for many people (at the expense of the landlords). It remains to be seen if all his plans will actually be implemented. 

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