The best way to move house in Amsterdam is to do it yourself

Ok, if you are smart, you move in winter time. The chances of getting a new rental apartment is much higher, because the rest of the city is busy with the holidays. In addition, we do the moving house in Amsterdam ourselves, the more euros we can save, the better. And since winter is upon us, we’ll quickly give you a few things to keep in mind when moving.

Moving house in Amsterdam, you have to prepare for it

The most convenient thing is to know in advance how much load space is needed to transport all your items. Whether you borrow someone’s bus or van, or if you ask friends for help, an estimation of the required number of cubic meters is essential. Use a m3 calculator for this. Also make sure that you enable the group of people who can help you in advance, and collect them in large numbers. It’s so much more fun to have a small number of boxes each and to be done quickly.

Packing boxes the right way

It’s an art: packing and unpacking your home. Do it room by room. This way it stays manageable and you know where everything is. Label one box “important things” for things as indispensable cables, screws and all kinds of tools and instructions for devices and furniture that you want to rebuild in your new home right away. Also, not to forget: make sure that boxes are not heavier than 10 kilos, otherwise they can rip at the bottom and wright on each box in which room they should come in your new home.

Best day to move in Amsterdam

Well, there’s never a good day to be moving house in Amsterdam, let’s be honest. But on Sundays you can park for free (except in the center) and the streets are a lot quieter than normal in the morning. If you get a permit, it is possible to close off the street. You can request it at the municipality of Amsterdam. They are not free and cost more than the usual parking fee.

How can RentSlam help?

With winter around the corner, you are really more likely to find a rental property in Amsterdam. So go ahead and hope to move yourself in no time. To be very honest, it drove us crazy to go through all the steps we needed to find a rental property in Amsterdam. That’s why we started RentSlam. Our service will send you an email every time a home appears online that meets your requirements. We only work with reliable sources, so you do not have to worry about scams. And it save you loads of time, because you no longer need to check all the websites 10 times a day yourself.

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