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How do I get invited for viewings

How do I get invited for viewing properties

The most important thing is to respond to as many properties as possible. You are simply not invited to every one of them, so the more applications, the more viewings. And make sure you apply very quickly, then you will also get a lot more viewings.

Can I attend online viewings, or can a friend view the property?

It differs per provider, some agents are very progressive with this and even advertise that they do this. There are also agents who are a bit more old-fashioned and unfortunately only do physical viewings. Fortunately, we find listings from both types of real estate agents 😉 Having a friend do a viewing is of course always possible, but then you also have to trust their judgment about the house, and that is really something very personal.

Which documents should I bring to a viewing?

If the provider of the house does not indicate in advance that you have to bring something with you, you can assume that this is not necessary. But, if you still want to put your best foot forward, bring an ID card (driver’s license or passport), an employment contract and pay slips.