why you will find a house for rent with rentslam

In a rental market where the demand for housing is far greater than its supply, it is difficult to get your hands on that great apartment you have been looking to rent so desperately. Not only is your competition fierce, the supply is scattered all over the place. Searching a couple of times a day for a house for rent on sites like Pararius and Funda is not enough, and will not work.

There are only 2 things that will work, besides being extremely lucky.

  1. Pay a real estate agent 1 month rent as commission to find you a house for rent (not recommended).
  2. Search all trustworthy websites about 300 times a day, and apply to new listings instantly.

So if you don’t want to pay the hefty fee for using an agency, you should really use RentSlam.

We use Artificial Intelligence to search all trustworthy websites every minute 24/7 for newly added properties. We then match them with your search criteria and your monthly rental budget. This ensures that you have a real shot at renting a place. Because you will have the possibility to be amongst the first to respond to a new rental apartment as soon as it comes online.

Here are the 3 steps that you need to find an apartment for rent using RentSlam:

house for rent

step 1

tell us what you need

Fill in your preferences, so we know which rental houses and apartments to send you. You should really focus on the most important things here. Think of number of bedrooms, monthly rental budget and of course the location. The more flexible you are with your criteria, the more results you will get. And of course the sooner you will be renting that awesome apartment. Keep in mind that Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht are BOOMING so make sure your expectations and your budget are in sync. You can log in at any time and adjust your settings.

step 2

apply to rentals

Since we do all the hard work of scanning all trustworthy websites offering houses for rent (using your criteria from step1), the only thing you need to do is make sure you respond to these properties as soon as we sent them to you. And since we do this every minute, 24/7 and instantly email you every time we find a match, you can really be the first person to respond to rental property every time.

step 3

share your success

From here onwards, you are in charge. When you apply to the house for rent we sent you in step 2, the private owners, real estate agents and housing corporations will contact you and invite you to come to viewings of the property. Go to as many as you can, make sure you talk with the owners or agents. Then you will be signing that rental contract with them before you know it! Once you are all set and have moved in, you can share your success by telling everyone you know how you found the awesome apartment you are living in.

If you have any more questions on how RentSlam works, or if it will work for your specific situation, please check our FAQ for answers. If your question is not answered in our FAQ, please contact us.