Long term apartments in amsterdam

Need help finding a long term apartment? Rentslam helps you find the apartment that best suits your requirements.

Long term rentals

Long term rental in a canal house in Amsterdam

RentSlam is the fastest and easiest way to get long term rentals. We only work with free sector housing because there is no waiting list. Long term rentals are rentals offered for periods of 6 months or longer (usually a 1-year contract that can be extended indefinitely). Where short term rentals are an option for some, most people that decide to live somewhere do not want to move every couple of months. This is why our focus is on long term rentals.

Free sector housing (Vrije sector in Dutch) are long term rentals that are not regulated by the government. The rental price is decided by the owner, and starts at €711 per month. The reason we focus on free sector is that the opposite, social housing, is aimed at the lowest income group and has 1 main disadvantage, namely the waiting list. To be eligible for social housing you need to be registered on Woningnet for many years (more than 15 years for the reasonable long term rentals). So for most people the free sector is the only option.

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