huurwoning in Den Haag

Rent an apartment in The Hague within 2 weeks

Need to rent a house in The Hague and don’t feel like spending your day online searching for the right place? Maybe 2 weeks seems impossible, but trust me, it is very doable if you have the right approach. There is a lot of competition out there, so you need to make sure you find…

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The Hague apartments

Cheapest apartment rentals in The Hague – 2019

Apartment rentals in The Hague are not that cheap. But knowing which neighborhoods are the most affordable can really make a difference. Below we tell you where to search for your new home and save lots of money. The cheapest neighborhoods for apartment rentals in The Hague. We have collected, filtered and analysed the data…

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Apartments for rent in The Hague – Top 10 tips

Finding apartments for rent in The Hague Finding apartments for rent in The Hague can be frustrating. There are many more people looking for an apartment than apartments available. So you have a lot of competition, which also drives the prices up. However, it is still possible to find yourself a great place to live…

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Rent an apartment in Utrecht within 2 weeks

Are you in a hurry to rent an apartment in Utrecht? It might seem impossible, but you really can do it in 2 weeks or less. Free sector housing does not have a waiting list, but it there is a lot of competition. So if you want to be successful in renting an apartment fast,…

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Huurwoning in Rotterdam

Rent an apartment in Rotterdam within 2 weeks

Are you in a hurry to rent an apartment in Rotterdam? You can get one in the free sector within 2 weeks or less. To do so, you will need to go about it the right way. Below you can read the steps you need to take to take to make it happen. Tip 1:…

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Goedkope huurwoningen in Rotterdam

Cheap apartment rentals in Rotterdam – 2019

Yeah right! Rotterdam is not at all cheap anymore… The rental prices are increasing even faster than in Amsterdam. All the more important to know in which neighborhoods rent is still affordable. And since the differences are significant, you could save yourself a lot of money by reading this guide about cheap apartment rentals in…

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Cheapest Apartment rentals in Utrecht

Cheapest Apartment rentals in Utrecht – 2019

Apartment rentals in Utrecht are not that cheap anymore. But knowing where to rent can save you lots of money. There is a big difference in rental prices between the different neighborhoods. Below we tell you which neighborhoods in Utrecht have the lowest rental prices. We have collected, filtered and analysed all the data of…

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Top 10 tips apartments for rent in Utrecht

How to find apartments for rent in Utrecht? Finding apartments for rent in Utrecht is not an easy task. There are not that many rentals available and you have a lot of competitors. The rental prices are also constantly increasing. So how can you find those great apartments for rent in Utrecht? Searching on many…

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nieuwe huurwoning

Moving to a new apartment

You rented a new apartment, and now? How awesome, congratulations with your new apartment. Exciting times are ahead, but moving is a stressful time. You have to think about many things and make loads of arrangements. Let’s hope you don’t forget anything… Packing Packing properly seems daft, but it really helps, more than you might…

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Huurwoning in Rotterdam

Top 10 tips rental apartments in Rotterdam

How do I find rental apartments in Rotterdam? Rental prices are going sky high and cometition is getting fierce. How do I get my new rental apartment in Rotterdam? Searching on many different websites takes loads of time and often you will be too late to apply. So, get a real estate agent, or do…

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Goedkoopste huurwoningen in Amsterdam

Cheapest rentals in Amsterdam – 2018

Ok, let’s be honest, rentals in Amsterdam are not exactly cheap. That’s why we have written the third edition of this blog in which we tell you which neighborhoods are the cheapest rentals in Amsterdam (read: least expensive) In 2017 the top 3 was; Zuidoost, Nieuw-West and Noord.  We have collected all the data of the…

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huurwoning tips

Top 10 Tips Long term rentals in Amsterdam 2018

How to get long term rentals in Amsterdam What is the best way to get a long term rentals in Amsterdam? You can of course just start looking around on the many websites available or get a real estate agent involved. But as Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”…

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