RentSlam helps you find a place to rent as follows:
1) We search all trustworthy websites that offer property for rent. We do this every minute 24/7 to ensure you will be one of the first to see it.
2) We let home owners offer their property for rent directly to you, without real estate agents as middle men.
3) You will receive all these properties, as long as they match your search criteria, by email. So you can apply for them before others do.

No, RentSlam only finds housing in the Free Sector. Social housing is mainly offered through Woningnet. They have a long waiting list (10+ years). So instead we focus on housing that can be rented immediately, without a waiting list.

Yes, RentSlam can also help students. However, many real estate agents and home owners have restrictions. They are unaware that most students are serious tenants that pay the rent on time. Therefore it is more difficult, but definitely not impossible. You need to think about extra measures, such as having a guarantor (like your parents for example). Contact us for more information on the possibilities for students. 

Yes, by law sharing is allowed. However, there are some regulations and the owners should be informed/agree.

Some legal information regarding sharing can be found here (in Dutch only):

If you experience any problems regarding sharing or have any particular questions, please contact us.

Often there are, but not always. There is a difference between the types of listings:

1- Housing corporations (woningbouwverenigingen): They have fixed rules about income, usually 3 times the rent as gross salary, but sometimes even more.

2- Private people through real estate agents: They want to make sure that you can pay the rent, but don’t always have fixed rules about how much you need to make. However, the real estate agents will sometimes ask for it anyway. Sometimes they also work with the Bo-Ex huurwijzer. This is a tool to calculate the income you need for a particular amount of rent. It takes into account your personal situation, your income, savings etc.

3- Private people offering their home directly on RentSlam: Same as point 2 except that we do not have any rules or preferences like the real estate agents. It is the owner who decides based on their own criteria. Usually it depends on if they trust you to pay the rent. Often there are also possibilities with guarantors.