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Rental properties in Leiden

Are you considering a rental property in Leiden?

Located in the province of South Holland, Leiden has a rich history dating back to Roman times. This historic city, also called Key City, is known for its beautiful canals, charming streets and impressive architecture. In addition to its historic character, Leiden also has a modern touch. In addition to special new construction projects, many high-tech companies are located here.

The location is ideal and central

In addition to its beautiful picturesque appearance, its location is also ideal and central. Leiden is perfectly accessible by public transportation. The city is easily accessible by bus and train, but also in the city itself everything is easily accessible by public transport. So if it rains you can leave your bike at home!

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RentSlam understands the challenges you encounter while looking for rental housing in Leiden. Affordable rental housing in Leiden is not easy to find. The average rent is often extremely high. That is why we have developed a unique system that ensures you are the first to know about all new available rental properties for your budget. This will save you a lot of valuable time and energy. RentSlam makes renting in Leiden and other cities simple and fast, allowing you to quickly enjoy life in the beautiful city of Leiden.

Your perfect spot in Leiden

How do you find your spot in Leiden? Do you want to enjoy the vibrant city centre or do you prefer quiet living? Each neighborhood has its atmosphere and highlights. Renting a house is not a simple matter, the location is a big part of it. We would like to highlight some neighborhoods to give you an immediate impression of the districts in Leiden! After all, there is much more than just the cozy and bustling city center. When it comes to rental housing, Leiden has something for everyone. You can even choose from unfurnished or furnished homes, depending on your needs and preferences.

Find green and beautiful views in the Merenwijk area

If your preference is green surroundings and tranquility, then the Merenwijk might be the right choice for you! This district is located north of the city center and is known for its beautiful parks, such as the large neighborhood park Merenwijk. It is also close to a golf course and the famous lake the Kaag. With its many green spaces and natural beauty, Merenwijk is perfect for people who like to enjoy the outdoors, take a walk and seek relaxation in a peaceful environment.

De Kooi, a neighborhood with a large housing supply

De Kooi, known for its diversity, is a lively neighborhood with conviviality and diverse and multicultural dining options. Local stores, eateries and markets bring the streets to life with color and fragrance. The Kooipark provides a lovely green place to retreat to. This neighborhood has an average low rent compared to other neighborhoods.

Is the Pieterswijk the right place for you?

This charming neighborhood has a romantic ambiance due to the centuries-old Pieterskerk. Stroll through the alleys where you will find all kinds of cute vintage stores, restaurants and bars. Every Wednesday and Saturday the cozy Butter Market takes place here. Not only the market is cozy on the river the new rijn, you will also find all kinds of cozy terraces and the bustling center of Leiden on the water.

Of the aforementioned Leiden neighborhoods, the rent in the Pieterswijk is generally the highest. It is therefore part of the old city center with its historical value and also the beautiful but pricey street called ‘Rapenburg’ is located in this neighborhood.

Social or free sector rentals in the city of Leiden

There are both social and free sector rental properties available in Leiden. Private sector rental properties are rented out by private owners and can be a good option if you are looking for more flexibility and personal contact. On the other hand, the free sector offers a wider range of rental properties, including new construction apartments and more luxurious homes.

Excessive rents for rental properties in Leiden

Rental prices in Leiden depend on several factors, such as the location, size and condition of the property. In general, prices are slightly higher than the national average. Despite the higher rent in Leiden, Leiden is definitely worth your money. The housing stock and residents are diverse which makes for a nice mix.

Strict selection procedure for rental properties in Leiden

So as a tenant in this day and age, it’s not easy to find a home. With the growing popularity of the city and the increasing demand for rental housing, there is often a lot of competition among potential tenants. In addition to the fact that this can increase costs significantly, private landlords can sometimes have high income requirements and/or a strict selection process.

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Endless scrolling for rental properties in Leiden finally over

Fortunately, RentSlam can help you find your property in Leiden. RentSlam is an online platform that collects all available rental properties in Leiden and its surroundings and sends them directly to your inbox. Our method saves you time and effort, as you no longer need to endlessly browse different websites. With RentSlam, you will receive personalized offers that match your preferences and needs.

How to find rental properties in Leiden

RentSlam uses advanced search filters and algorithms to find the most relevant rental properties for you. This will significantly increase your chances of finding a suitable rental property. Join RentSlam today and find out how it works: we can help you find your ideal rental home in Leiden.

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