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Apartments for rent in Utrecht

Are you looking to rent an apartment in Utrecht?

Finding a suitable apartment for rent can sometimes be a challenging task, especially in popular cities like Utrecht. Luckily, we at RentSlam have a handy platform that can help you find rent properties in Utrecht. We aim to simplify your search for a rental property in Utrecht.

RentSlam is a platform dedicated to finding rental properties in several cities, including Utrecht. It enables house seekers to quickly and efficiently find available properties that meet their specific requirements. Using advanced algorithms and smart search filters, RentSlam helps house seekers find the perfect home in Utrecht.

P.C. Borstraat
€1.400 p.m.
Looking for a nice and spacious studio in Utrecht? This is your chance! the Majoor Bosshart Plantsoen is just a 2-minute walk away, and the Griftpark is 5 minutes away. 🌳 The studio is close to the Willem van Noortplein, which is located on the street of the same name. There is an Albert Heijn supermarket on Willem van Noortplein, the famous restaurant het Badhuis and cosy coffee shops.
50 m²
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€1.350 p.m.
Nice 1930s house which is neatly maintained on a quiet street in the popular neighbourhood “Zuilen”. Close to the Vecht and Nature and only 10 minutes by bike from the old Utrecht city centre. The house has a lovely bright living room with an open kitchen. From the living room you can go through the French doors to the spacious garden where you can enjoy the morning sun and is even equipped with a shed.
50 m²
1 Bedroom
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€2.095 p.m.
Located in the highly sought-after “Muntkwartier”, this attractive and recently renovated upstairs flat with generous roof terrace is available. This characteristic house from the early 1900s has a living area of approximately 92 m² and offers, in addition to the spacious L-shaped living room/kitchen, two large bedrooms, study and luxury bathroom with bathtub and shower. The atmosphere is best characterised by the very pleasant light finish. The spaciousness is reflected in the large windows, the pleasant incidence of light, the ceiling heights and the pleasant layout.
92 m²
2 Bedrooms
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Why use RentSlam to rent a house in Utrecht?

Searching for rental properties can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you constantly have to visit different websites and perform searches. RentSlam makes this process easier by collecting all available rental properties in Utrecht. You will only be sent the offer that matches your search profile. The search profile can include various criteria such as price, location and size. This saves time and effort, leaving you more time for other important matters.

RentSlam uses an advanced algorithm that collects countless properties daily from various sources, such as the websites of estate agents and housing associations. These properties are then collected and filtered by our software, so you no longer have to search yourself, but just get the relevant offer sent to you.

Types of rental properties in Utrecht

What types of housing are available for rent in Utrecht? Basically, all types of housing can be rented. Small flats, large single-family houses, studios etc. Which type suits your situation well and in which districts can you find most of them?”


If you are going to live there all by yourself, or with a partner, then you will most likely be looking for a relatively smaller property such as a studio flat or a 2-bedroom house. So the latter refers to properties with a living room and a separate bedroom. If you don’t mind having the bedroom and living room in one, then you’re in luck, as rents for studio flats are generally lower, so that in turn saves on monthly costs.
house photo
Example of a studio in Utrecht


Want a rental property for you, your partner and your child, or maybe you want to share a property with a friend. Then look for a 3-bedroom rental property, or a 2-bedroom flat. If you’re looking for a rental property to share with 3 or more people, things are going to get a little trickier. There are new rules for people who want to share. Sharing with a total of 2 people is no problem. To share with 3 people or more, look further down at single-family homes.
house photo
Example of an apartment in Utrecht

Family homes

If you are looking for a rental house with a whole family, then logically you will look for a single-family house. But even if you want to share with several friends/friends, you will also need a house with 3 bedrooms or even more and you will usually end up with the single-family houses. Unfortunately, there are relatively fewer such houses available in Utrecht and they tend to be quite expensive too, so make sure you have a suitable budget. Below you can see at a glance where most of these houses are on offer. This way, you can quickly perform a targeted search. If you fall into the 3 or more sharers category, be aware that not every property meets the requirements to be rented out in this way.
house photo
Example of a family home in Utrecht

RentSlam sends you lightning-fast notifications

On our platform, you can indicate in your search profile which criteria are important to you. You can think of the number of rooms, the price or the city district. RentSlam will automatically notify you when new properties become available that match your preferences. This is especially useful in a competitive rental market, where properties are rented out quickly. RentSlam works in several cities, including Utrecht. You can use the platform to find rental properties in more cities in the Netherlands such as AmsterdamHaarlem or rent a house in Rotterdam.

Discover the benefits of renting in Utrecht with RentSlam

Are you looking for a rental property in Utrecht? Utrecht offers a mix of historical charm, vibrant cultural life and city life that is buzzing with energy. With beautiful sights like the Dom tower, charming squares and fun shopping streets. Whether you are a student, professional or family, Utrecht has a lot to offer and there is something for everyone!

At RentSlam, we understand how crucial it is to find your ideal rental property in Utrecht. With our user-friendly platform, we are happy to help you find your perfect home. We also help you find rentals in Leiden.

Find your dream home in Utrecht with RentSlam

With our wide range of listings, smart search filters and real-time updates, we make it easy for you to find your dream home that matches your search profile. Our database contains a wide range of rental properties in Utrecht. Whether you are looking for a trendy flat in the city centre, a cosy house by the canals, a family-friendly home in a green suburb or a studio in beautiful Vogelenbuurt, at RentSlam you will find a wide choice.

If you use our platform, you will always have access to the most recent offers; our offer is constantly updated with new rental properties. You will be sent relevant offers by email and/or Whatsapp, so you will be informed immediately of new properties that meet your criteria.

A rental process as simple and efficient as possible

Quickly and easily ask all your questions and schedule a viewing if interested. In addition, our team is always ready to support you during your search for a rental property. We understand that finding a property can sometimes be overwhelming, especially in a city like Utrecht. That’s why we offer personal guidance and advice to make sure you make the right choice.

Find your perfect rental property in Utrecht with RentSlam

With RentSlam, you increase your chances of finding the perfect rental property in Utrecht. Whether you want to live in the historic centre, the bustling districts around the canals or the green suburbs, at RentSlam we have a wide range of rental properties to suit your needs.

RentSlam collects all available rental properties in Utrecht in one place, eliminating the need to browse different websites looking for properties. RentSlam collects properties from reputable sources, including estate agents and rental websites, which means you have access to reliable and up-to-date information.

Thanks to our user-friendly platform, smart search filters and real-time updates, finding your rental property in Utrecht has never been easier. You will receive the offer that matches your search profile by email and/or Whatsapp. Discover the possibilities now and find your ideal rental property in Utrecht with RentSlam.

Find a rental property in Utrecht

Utrecht is not just a city with beautiful canals, historic buildings and lively cultural scenes, but it is also a city in which it is nice to live. With its cosy atmosphere, bustling shopping streets and many parks, Utrecht offers a unique lifestyle. Whether you enjoy the vibrant city life or prefer to seek peace and quiet in the green surroundings, there is guaranteed to be a property for rent in Utrecht to suit your needs. But with the help of RentSlam, the process of filtering and finding rental properties in Utrecht becomes much easier and more efficient.

By matching your housing requirements with the offer, RentSlam can help you find the most perfect property. Stop wasting time with endless searches on different websites. Try RentSlam today and find your ideal rental property in Utrecht! Of course, if you prefer to find rental accommodation in Rotterdam, or rental properties in The Hague, that’s possible too.