Verhuur je huis via RentSlam

Homeowners wanted: RentSlam is ready for you

Every month hundreds of people are actively using RentSlam to find their next home for rent. The numbers are growing, and if it is up to us, we will find all of them a house. The more rental properties offered through the RentSlam platform the better. That is why we are looking for homeowners that want to rent their home by themselves. And because RentSlam is a platform, you will not pay the standard commission¬†of 8 to 12 percent that is commonly charged. That’s a great saving.

Become your own real estate agent

The tasks of a rental real estate agent are very diverse. You can always work together with a real estate agent and use RentSlam to find the right tenant. But if you really want to do it by yourself, you can, using Rentlam. The service is free of charge.

RentSlam helps you rent your house

In the rental process you decide what you do and what you let us do for you. We can guide you with all aspects of renting your property, but in general we think the following works best:

  1. You send us pictures and a description of the property
  2. We find suitable tenants
  3. You do the viewings
  4. We get you standard contract that you can use (in Dutch and English)
  5. You choose the tenant and sign the contract with them.

We help you & you help our tenants

Rentals are becoming extremely expensive in Amsterdam. We would love to offer as many affordable options to everyone. And because our service is free, we hope that you will pass those savings on to your tenants by charging a slightly lower rent than you would otherwise. Asking a lower rental fee also has advantages. We will be able to find you a tenant faster, which means your property will be vacant less time and you will not miss out on the rental fees. Everyone is happy.

Homeowners find tenants with RentSlam

You can send your property to RentSlam tenants using the online form by clicking on the button below. We will contact you and start the process asap. And if you want a good real estate agent to help you, let us know and we will put you in contact with a trustworthy agency.

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