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Renting out your apartment in Amsterdam? Find tenants!

Did you find that perfect job abroad, did you meet the perfect mate and want to move in together, or did you buy a new house, but are not ready to give up your current home? These are all reasons to get into the luxury position of having an extra home in Amsterdam. The thought of renting out your apartment in Amsterdam must have crossed your mind. We are very happy to help you with that.

Every day hundreds of fellow citizens are using RentSlam to find an apartment for rent in Amsterdam. More and more are joining, and if it is up to us, we will help all of them to find a house. The more properties we can offer, the better. That is why we are looking for people like you, that want to rent out their apartment. And because RentSlam is a software company, you will not have to pay us the standard 8 to 12 percent commission. That saves you a lot of money.

Renting out your apartment

Real estate agents carry out lots of tasks, and have valuable knowledge of the market. However, many things can be automated. You can choose to use RentSlam to rent out your property, or do it with a Real Estate agent and still use RentSlam to find the best tenants. Since our service is free, you will incur no extra cost but get all the benefits.

RentSlam helps you find the right tenant

You can decide how much work you want to do yourself and which tasks RentSlam should do for you. We can guide you through the whole process if you want to rent out your apartment yourself. Generally the approach we take is as follows:

  1. You upload a description and pictures of the property
  2. We find you suitable candidates
  3. You arrange the viewings
  4. We give you standard contracts that you can use (in Dutch and English)
  5. You choose the tenant and sign the contract

We help you renting out your apartment, you help our tenants find a one.

Rental properties in Amsterdam are expensive. We would like to help everyone find as many affordable options as possible. Since we don’t charge anything, you will be saving lots of money. We hope you will pass on some of those savings to the tenants in the form of a slightly lower rent. This in turn will also ensure you get tenants much faster, which means less loss of income due to in-occupancy. We can advise you on the right price, but it goes without saying that you have the final say on the rental amount. List your property now, or contact us for more info. And if you want to do it together with a Real Estate agent, let us know, and we can recommend you a good one.

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