The areas in Amsterdam Nieuw-West where you do want to live

In this series, we focus on the areas where you can still find affordable rentals (for Amsterdam standards). Our goal is to track down the streets that everyone tends to skip. You might not even be aware of their existence, even though they’re worth renting a house on. You’ll know exactly where to look. This month: Amsterdam Nieuw-West.

Amsterdam Nieuw-West in short:

  • The average rental price is € 15,05 per square meter (in the centre this is € 24, 56)
  • 60% of the houses have 3 or 4 bedrooms
  • Most neighbours are between 20 & 35 years old and 38% is married

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What you didn’t expect about Slotermeer-Zuidwest

On a map you’ll find this part of Amsterdam at the left top of the Sloterplas and it’s a little secret where a lot of efford is being put in. Which is pretty logical: The more crowded the city gets (daily 1.5 million people walk around), the more you need to spread out. And that spreading is happening in the direction of Nieuw-West. Close to your future awesome rental home there will soon be the Van Eesteren paviljoen, which overlooks the Sloterplas and where you can wine and dine. And by now the area also has its own beach called: Sloterstrand, which is only 600 meters from your home and has free beach beds. If you want to get some shopping done, you can do that very easily at Plein 40-45, takes you about 10 minutes on foot.

The renewed version of Osdorp-Oost

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The city is also pretty busy ‘creating a lively centre in Osdorp-Oost’. This little terrain is located in the south of the Sloterplas and is ideal to get a rental house. Theatre De Meervaart is being remodelled and is getting a movie theatre. The plan to open a second Paradiso (the cool club in an old church) is getting serious and the Sloterpark is undergoing a make-over and has its own food festival now. The Osdorp shopping centre even has their own Hallen: Westmarket. As you can see those fancy canals are getting pretty redundant when it come to looking for living space.

How you can find a rental home much easier with RentSlam

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