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How do I find a house for rent with RentSlam

I’ve read the website but I still don’t understand what you do?

We scan all reliable websites every minute, 24 hours a day, looking for new rental properties. So you no longer have to search online for hours a day. You just need to check your email. And because we do that so often, you will never be late to respond, ever again. We also search on more than 1,000 websites, which simply means that we find more listings than you possibly can. In addition, you do not have to pay us any commission.

Where can I use RentSlam? In which cities does your service work?

RentSlam works throughout the Netherlands. So no worries, we will find you your home. But not every city has many properties for rent, so if you move to a place most people have never heard of, let us know. Then we can do our extra best to find all the properties for you there as well.

I’m new in town and don’t know what realistic expectations are in terms of budget etc.

Thanks for asking, hopefully we can shed some light on that. On our blog you can find a lot of information about the average price per square meter in the cities we do. But beware, these are averages, sometimes you get lucky and find a bargain, but sometimes you have to be patient and be realistic. We have the average rental prices available per city:
The Hague

I just registered with RentSlam but I don’t see any rental properties on the site?

That’s right! There is no point in putting them on the website. Rental properties are rented out so fast that you are already too late when you find them. That is why we do not put homes on our site, instead we have created an active service that allows you to respond in time. We will send you all new rental properties via email as soon as they become available! Haven’t received rental properties yet? Send us an email to support@rentslam.com

How long does it take to find a house for rent?

That is probably the most frequently asked question! The answer depends very much on the circumstances. Many of our clients rent a house within a week, others take more than a month. The better your search criteria matches the offers on the market, the faster you will succeed. Below are the most important factors that influence how long it takes to find a rental property:
– Is your budget in line with the rest of your criteria?
– How quickly do you respond to the listings we send
– To what extent do you meet the requirements of the landlord
– How big is your search area

Why use Rentslam and not just keep an eye on Funda and Pararius all day?

Funda and Pararius are very good sources, they have a lot of offer, but nevertheless there are still a lot of properties that never appear on these platforms. The competition for the listings on these platforms is also very strong, because everyone is looking there. We actively search more than 1,000 websites for houses that match your search profile. We literally do that every minute 24/7. This is something that you cannot possibly do yourself as a human being, only a search bot can do that. RentSlam therefore ensures that you get many more houses and can respond much faster.

Do you also have your own housing offers?

Yes, landlords can offer their property for rent through our site completely free of charge. We do an ID check to protect you against fraudsters, so you don’t have to worry about that either. We find all the offer online and combine it with our own offer. It is therefore really impossible to find more homes than we do.