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This is not a manifesto.

This is not some piece of inspirational text that tells consumers what we believe in.

If you’re here, it means you’re looking for a new place to live, and that means, by every known law in the universe, you’ve already spent too much time on the internet looking for an apartment for rent, so we’ll keep this short and sweet:


We enable people to use technology that makes finding an apartment for rent as easy as checking your email.


Time is money and we respect both. We offer fair and transparent prices as well as a service that saves you huge amounts of time and will get you many more listings.

People over profits

We’re about people over profits and mankind over money so we pride ourselves in having excellent customer service.

Out of the box

We thought outside of the proverbial box, and it gave us the insight and know-how to empower consumers to take back their dignity and power while looking for a new home.

This is RentSlam. We make apartment hunting suck less.