Real estate agents, Rental agents and Letting agents

Measuring the house, taking pictures, deciding on the correct rental price, advertising, scheduling viewings, drawing up contracts… As a real estate agent, you do so much more than most people realise. Sometimes you wonder, “is all our work appreciated”?

Real estate agents – the advantages of Rentslam

The commission that real estate agents charge for all the work they do is usually seen as far too high and the work you have to do to rent out the property is often underestimated.

How do you ensure that you are assessed properly for the value you deliver, your rates are not seen as too high, and you only do the work that your client can actually perceive? A large part can of course be automated, without effort or cost, which really makes your work a lot easier. That way you can concentrate your efforts on the things that really add value. How can real estate agents benefit from RentSlam for free?

Tenants – the advantages of a rental agent

Of course, you can simply use RentSlam to find a new home yourself. You are then in fact your own rental agent. You will be sent all relevant rental listings without searching, which is great. But what if you don’t have time to respond to all of them and to schedule viewings? Or what if you are a bit anxious to sign a rental contract without a professional guiding you?

Rental agents can help you with more than you think. From figuring out what kind of house fits your needs the best, and in which neighborhood you should be focussing your efforts, up to figuring out a suitable budget and the maximum rent you can afford. Yes, of course you have to pay for it, but you do get value for money if you choose the right rental agent. What will a rental agent be able to help you with.

Home owners – the advantages of a letting agent

Renting out your home yourself is actually a nice experience. You are much more personally involved and you also get to know the potential tenants. But the truth is that you might run into issues later on. So you can certainly do it yourself, especially when you use RentSlam, but if you want security and unburden yourself, team up with a letting agent. They know the market, know everything they need to do to protect your interests and prevent any future problems.

A letting agent usually charges 1 month’s rent in commission, but rental agents can make very good and beautiful descriptions of your home, including professional pictures. They take all the tiresome work of doing the viewings off your hands and they draw up the most secure contracts. How does a letting agent help you get the best tenants for your house.

Real estate agents – How can RentSlam help you

The profession of real estate agent has many aspects. From presenting your property to drawing up contracts. But not all tasks are equally fun to do. And not everything is equally appreciated by the customer. So as a real estate agent you really want to show your added value. You can free up more time to do that by automating the less visible work. RentSlam can help with that.

Finding tenants with RentSlam

What are the advantages
As a real estate agent you can rent out properties through RentSlam. But why would you? RentSlam has a platform that has real benefits for real estate agents. The entire rental process can be accelerated and automated without any investment or technical development from your end.
  • FREE – So you don’t pay any fees, unlike with most other platforms
  • SUPER FAST – because RentSlam has many actively seeking tenants
  • BEST TENANTS – The home seekers on RentSlam pay a fee and thus are serious about renting
  • MANY TENANTS – RentSlam advertises a lot and on many platforms, thus we have many potential tenants

But how can you as a real estate agent advertise your properties on RentSlam?


RentSlam can automatically advertise the properties to potential tenants by scraping your website (provided you advertise all properties on your own website, of course). You don’t have to do anything for this. On top, we also do not use your content (and intellectual property) at all. We only match it with the search profiles of our tenants and send them the link to the property on your website whenever there is a match. So they can respond to you immediately. We therefore do not advertise / place the property on our own website or on any other sites.


Automatic is great, but manually is also an option. If you do not have a good website to place properties on, you can advertise them directly via RentSlam. They will still not appear publicly, but they will be matched with all our tenants. Home seekers can then contact you directly by email to schedule viewings.

Finding a house for your tenant using RentSlam

You already have home seekers as customers, but you find it very difficult to find the right home for them? Of course you use your own network to find the best rental properties for your customers. But you probably also spend a lot of time searching other websites for a beautiful home that is perfect for them. And then you still miss a large part of the listings out there. You can also use RentSlam to find all the listings, that makes things a lot easier and faster.

By requesting a special Real estate agent account on RentSlam, you can create search profiles for your customers and receive all suitable rental listings immediately without searching. This saves a lot of time and gives you many more options than you could ever find on your own.

Do you also want to use RentSlam to increase your effectiveness and visibility as a real estate agent? Contact us.