Terms & Conditions

Version: 2.3 Date: 01 March 2023

Clarification: The below is a translation to the original text found on this page https://rentslam.com/voorwaarden and only serves as such, a translation. The text applicable by Dutch law is the Dutch text of the Terms and Conditions.

Article 1: definitions

1.1 ‘Subscription’: the agreement regarding the use of the Platform that is concluded between Home Seeker and RentSlam when Home Seeker has created an account at https://rentslam.com/en and has activated by payment, as further described in these Terms of Use and on the Website;

1.2 ‘Subscription Fee’: The amount to be paid to activate an account, as determined by RentSlam from time to time. Changes in the Subscription Fee have no effect on current Subscriptions;

1.3 ‘Account’: the free registration with RentSlam with which a Home Seeker is sent samples but does not actively receive emails with links to recently posted rental properties;

1.4 ‘Landlord’: natural person or legal entity who offers a house for rent using the RentSlam platform https://rentslam.com and/or via the RentSlam email service. This Landlord registration form provides the landlord with the opportunity to also receive responses and viewing requests from home seekers with a subscription;

1.5 ‘https://rentslam.com’: Website of the private company with limited liability RentSlam B.V., with registered office in Amsterdam (Chamber of Commerce number 62664468; VAT number NL854908638B01);

1.6 ‘Material’: information provided by or on behalf of landlords about a living space that is offered for rent;

1.7 ‘Abuse’: sending e-mail that (ultimately) violates the rights or privacy of others, such as sending unsolicited commercial information and spam, doing grievous or abusive statements, infringe intellectual property rights or disclose or reproduce any Material without permission;

1.8 ‘Written’: this also includes by e-mail and – in the case of communication by Home Seeker – via the contact form on the Website;

1.9 ‘Website’: the website https://rentslam.com;

1.10 ‘Home seeker’: any natural or legal person who registers on the Website in order to find a home. The Home Seeker is also addressed as ‘you’ in these terms and conditions;

Article 2: applicability

2.1 These terms of use apply to your account as a home seeker or as a landlord if you want to use the RentSlam platform.

Article 3: function of the platform and rentslam

3.1 RentSlam offers a platform on the Website where Landlords can offer rental properties through advertisements (via email) and where Home Seekers (i) are informed about available rental properties (ii) and can create a profile for the living space they are looking for (iii) and can be informed by email about houses that are offered on third-party websites;

3.2 RentSlam only has a ‘message board function’ and has no further involvement in the conclusion or otherwise of agreements between Home Seekers and Landlords;

3.3 You understand and accept that taking out a Subscription does not necessarily mean that you will actually find accommodation;

3.4 RentSlam is not responsible for the content of the information about homes sent by email and cannot guarantee that the accommodation is actually available or that the information in the advertisement is correct and complete. If at any time you come across an advertisement that you know or suspect is not current, correct and/or complete, please report this as soon as possible to support@rentslam.com. We will then contact the relevant Landlord as soon as possible to investigate this further.

Article 4: establishment of the subscription

4.1 The Subscription between you and RentSlam is established after you have registered via the Website, paid the subscription fee and RentSlam has confirmed this registration by e-mail.

4.2 Mandate acceptance: By paying the subscription fee, you accept this mandate and give RentSlam BV and Stripe (our payment service provider) permission to send instructions to your bank to debit your account in accordance with those instructions. You are entitled to a refund from your bank according to the General Terms and Conditions that apply at your bank. A refund must be claimed within 8 weeks of the debit.

Article 5: costs

5.1 As a home seeker, there are several subscriptions available. At the moment, the price for a 1-month subscription is €29.95, a 2-month subscription is €39.95  and a 3-month subscription is €49.95. After the initial period as described above, the subscription will be automatically renewed, each time with the same period as initially chosen. The auto-renewal will automatically end when you unsubscribe from the service or turn off auto-renewals in your account;

5.2 Landlord – You can use RentSlam for free to offer your home to the home seekers on RentSlam. RentSlam does not mediate in this, but only provides the platform through which communication can be established between landlord and home seeker. Other services, such as viewings, are not applicable;

Article 6: right of withdrawal

6.1 If you, as a home seeker with a paid subscription, are not satisfied with the way our platform has performed for you, you can get the paid subscription money back. Send us an email to support@rentslam.com within 14 days after the start of your subscription, stating the reason;

Article 7: cancel

7.1 You can cancel your subscription at any time. RentSlam will announce in good time before the end of a period that the current period will end soon and hereby, for your convenience, will include a link to the page where the subscription can be terminated, so there is no risk if you forget to unsubscribe in case you no longer need our service;

7.2 Cancellation of your subscription can be done online through your account by going to ‘My RentSlam’ and canceling your account there by pressing the “unsubscribe” button.

Article 8: payments

8.1 For Home Seekers, the Subscription Fee is paid by means of payment via iDeal, Credit Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Sepa direct debit;

8.2 For Hosts – Use is free;

Article 9: laws and regulations

9.1 Homeseeker and Provider must comply with all applicable laws and regulations when using the Website and any agreements that may arise from it. Without prejudice to the foregoing, they declare that they are familiar with the relevant local laws and/or regulations, such as with regard to housing and rental agencies.

Article 10: abuse

10.1 In the event of Abuse by a Home Seeker, RentSlam can terminate its Subscription with immediate effect by informing Home Seeker by e-mail;

10.2 RentSlam is entitled, without further notice of default, to charge an immediately due and payable fine of €1,000 (in words: one thousand euros) per act of abuse to the Home Seeker, whereby the misuse of (personal) data, photo or other Material collectively counts as one fact, without prejudice to RentSlam’s right to take further legal action against the Home Seeker and to claim compensation for damage caused as a result of misuse by the Home Seeker.

Article 11: Prohibition on Business Use

11.1 The service is offered exclusively for use by individuals. It is not permitted for businesses, organizations, institutions, or any other legal entities, hereinafter referred to as “Business Users”, to use the Service for any business, commercial, or professional purposes without prior written permission from the Service Provider.

11.2 Business Users interested in using the Service must contact the Service Provider in advance of any use to negotiate a separate agreement regulating the business use of the Service. The terms of such an agreement, including but not limited to fees, usage rights, and duration, will be mutually agreed upon between the Service Provider and the Business User.;

11.3 In the event of unauthorized use of the Service by a Business User without the required prior written permission, a fine will be imposed on the respective Business User. The fine amounts to €4500 (four thousand five hundred euros) per month for the duration of the unauthorized use, without prejudice to the right of the Service Provider to take further legal action and demand full compensation for incurred losses and expenses.;

11.4 By using the Service, users acknowledge that they have read these terms and explicitly agree to them.;

Article 12: liability

12.1 If a home seeker – for whatever reason – suffers damage as a result of the use of the RentSlam website and/or the Subscription, RentSlam can in no way be held liable for the damage suffered by the Home Seeker;

12.2 If and insofar as a judicial authority nevertheless rules that RentSlam is liable for any damage suffered by the Home Seeker and that RentSlam is obliged to compensate the damage in whole or in part, RentSlam’s total liability towards the Home Seeker (including an obligation to repay the Subscription Fee) will never exceed the Subscription Fee received from that Home Seeker;

Article 13: privacy policy

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Article 14: requests/consent

14.1 If, after taking out the Subscription, you require a deviation and/or addition to any provision of these terms and conditions or other terms and conditions, you can submit a request to us in writing;

14.2 If and to the extent that the consent of RentSlam is required in any provision of these terms of use, it will only be deemed to have been granted if it is provided in writing;

14.3 A permission given by RentSlam is one-time and does not apply to other or subsequent cases. RentSlam is entitled to attach conditions to its permission.

Article 15: early termination, default

15.1 Without prejudice to RentSlam’s other rights under these terms of use and the law (including the right to performance and any rights to cancel the Subscription), RentSlam has the right to cancel your Subscription with immediate effect. terminate effect without further notice by giving written notice to you if you:
(a) fail to pay the amounts owed by you on the due dates;
(b) breach any other provision of these Terms of Use ;
(c) do not observe any condition attached to a permission granted by RentSlam;
(d) have submitted an application for suspension of payments and/or have applied for admission to the Natural Persons Debt Rescheduling Act ;
(e) loses free disposal over your assets or part thereof;
(f) is declared bankrupt;
(g) offers a settlement outside bankruptcy or if attachment is levied on your property;
(h) dies; or
(i) if Home Seeker is not a natural person, she loses her legal personality, is dissolved or is actually wound up.

Article 16: combating illegal rental

16.1 In order to protect home seekers against illegal offers of rental properties, landlords are prohibited from offering advertisements with the following meaning:

16.2 Would live, do not register. It is prohibited to offer a living space without the resident being able or allowed to register with the municipality at this address. And/or:

16.3 Don’t live, but register. It is prohibited to offer a residential address that is not the intention to live in, but the tenant may register at this address with the municipality.

16.4 Landlord declares that the property is a free sector residence concerns.

16.5 Landlord declares, if a mortgage has been taken out on the house, that permission has been granted by the mortgage lender to rent out the house.

16.6 These requirements arise from the Personal Records Database (BRP) Act ), available at https://wetten.overheid.nl/BWBR0033715/2014-01-06. If we find that an advertisement concerns the illegal offer of a living space, we will summon the relevant landlord to remove the advertisement immediately. In the event of such a violation, we always pass on the advertisement and the contact details of the landlord to the competent ministry.

Article 17: applicable law and competent court

17.1 The Subscription is governed by Dutch law.