Expat rentals and housing in Amsterdam

Looking for a fully furnished apartment or an unfurnished apartment? Rentslam can help with your expat housing. Let us do the searching and matching for you.

Expat rentals with RentSlam

Expat rentals

Whether you are looking for a fully furnished apartment or an unfurnished apartment we can help with your expat housing. We do all the searching and matching and we make sure you get there ahead of the majority of people.

Expat rentals

Many companies specialize in finding and renting apartments specifically for expats. These expat rental companies charge a much higher rental rate and an additional service fee, simply because you are an expat. They do this knowing that you probably don’t have the time to do it yourself, do not know what the normal rates are and often do not know the local ways yourself. At Rentslam we help you find what the locals find, at the prices they find it.

Expat renting & housing costs

Expat housing

You will find that our pricing matches almost any budget. Unlike other companies that will offer expats the full “moving abroad” package at an outrageous price. We keep our pricing affordable and our quality of service above par.

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