Matthew Crestani

Rentslam helped find me an apartment in less than 7 days! I couldn’t believe how quick the emails came through with recommendations which led to planning for viewings SUPER EASY. I am very happy with my new apartment and would recommend using RentSlam to create LESS STRESS for yourself, especially if you are working at…

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Agnes Bartosiak

Thanks to RentSlam we found our dream home! It was so easy to react to the newest listings that we were able to find a house within a week! It was the first place we visited 🙂 Definitely worth the money!…

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Francisco Ripoli

Coming from London I never thought finding a place in Amsterdam would be so difficult. Rentslam made it much easier for me and helped me find a flat within 2 weeks…

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Max Gariepy

Rentslam helped me tremendously when I looked for an apartment because I didn’t have to keep looking at 100 websites everyday. It was also sending me the latest postings and allowing to contact people asap (sometimes almost to the surprise of the people posting!!) The possibility to customize the service to your liking was a…

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Walid Eddahmani

After searching for houses for nearly a year, I ran into RentSlam. It seems too good to be true, but within 2 weeks I was collecting the keys to my new home. Do you want to relocate? Use RentSlam!…

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Loes Albers

RentSlam’s email service sends you the offers from all the sources very fast. This saves you hours of time browsing sites and refreshing before it is too late…

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Elena Stoyanova

Rentslam saved my sister and I a ton of time and from having to browse multiple platforms. we got emails daily with our exact specs and listings that had gone live seconds prior which gave us a chance to act quick. we’ve been in our new apartment for a month now and couldn’t be happier…

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Rachel Bruls

For 2,5 years I have been wondering through Amsterdam as a Nomad. In the beginning I thought that it should not be that tough as a Amsterdam born and raised person, but the reality was harsh. Finding a house in Amsterdam is really hard. Due to my job I did not have time to check…

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Nakul Jamadagni

My wife and I moved from San Francisco to Amsterdam and we had some difficulties finding the right apartments. Setting the filters for location and budget helped us get the right recommendations and not go through all the listings. it worked really well and within 2 weeks of being in Amsterdam we now have a…

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Tristan Makkink

I TRIED many DIFFERENT housing platforms, but none of them was as convenient as RentSlam. It simply provided the clearest and most honest overviews of houses. Overall i found RentSlam extremely useful and i would like to thank you guys for your help on my journey! 🙂…

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Kseniia Golub

I really recommend RentSlam because it searches apartments from websites you couldn’t imagine existed at all and therefore gives the very different options that at the end it is just impossible not to find something. What is more, I really liked that the team called me themselves to figure out my problem when I had…

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