Receive all rental listings at lightning speed

we give you all of the following:

  • most comprehensive list possible: in addition to the best-known websites, we use many less-familiar ones that often have great rental listings that you would otherwise never find.
  • exclusive listings: on top of the rental listings we find for you, homeowners offer their property for rent directly on RentSlam, these are rentals that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • fastest service available: we use 300+ sources every minute, which is virtually impossible for anyone to do, so you have a clear advantage by responding before everyone else can.
  • unlimited emails: for as long as you are subscribed, we will send you every property that matches your criteria. There is no limit and we don’t charge extra for applying to listings.
  • we have superb customer service: any questions that are not answered in our FAQ will be answered by us personally. You can e-mail us and call us for help and advice.

since we are not a real estate agent, we do not charge any commission when you find a house. So that is an easy one month rent in your pocket. Now you only need to choose between 3 different pricing options. 

choose 1 of the 3 options below:

Questions you may have about pricing:

q: what is the difference between the 3 price plans?
a: all options have the exact same benefits as described above, the only difference is the value for money you are getting. The longer you commit, the lower the price per day.

q: what payment methods do you offer?
a: you can get a subscription using Credit Card or iDeal.

q: what happens if I don’t find a house within my subscription period?
a: not to worry! Unless you unsubscribe we will continue sending you rental properties, and automatically charge you €29,95/month for as long as you need our service.

q: what if I have found a house, but forget to unsubscribe?
a: again, not to worry! If you forget to unsubscribe, just send us an email within a couple of days, and we will refund you the full amount.

q: why is your service not free?
a: if we could, we would make RentSlam free for everyone to use. However:

  1. we work very hard to make this service work at peak performance, and the tools we use to get those great rental apartments to you so fast, cost money.
  2. on top of that we have the strange habit of needing food to and shelter ourselves so we can continue to give you this great service.
  3. besides, if it were completely free, everyone would use RentSlam, and then your competitive advantage would be much smaller. So it is in your best interest that we charge a small fee.

q: i want to use RentSlam, but I don’t want to pay for it.
a: if there is absolutely no way you can possibly contribute to RentSlam financially, but you have another way you can help, please contact us and let us know what you can do in exchange for a free RentSlam account (please don’t send us indecent proposals).