Rent an apartment in The Hague within 2 weeks

huurwoning in Den Haag

Need to rent a house in The Hague and don’t feel like spending your day online searching for the right place? Maybe 2 weeks seems impossible, but trust me, it is very doable if you have the right approach. There is a lot of competition out there, so you need to make sure you find those apartments before others do. We automated the whole search process for you, so you can save lots of time and can always be the first to apply for any rental apartment in The Hague. But, with a descent plan, you can do it all on your own. Read on to see what you need to rent an apartment in The Hague in less than 2 weeks.

Tip 1: Separate your demands & wishes

Too many demands and wishes can absolutely ruin your chances of finding a great rental. Get rid of as many as you possibly can, and only keep the absolute “must haves”. Later on you can start taking the “nice to haves” into account, and maybe even add them to your search criteria, but only after making sure that you can actually get all your must haves. Budget is very important, however, the same type of property can cost much more or much less depending on the neighborhood. So knowing which areas you need to focus your search on is very important. Click the following link for a list of the average m2 prices for rentals per neighborhood in The Hague. It isn’t easy anymore to find a cheap house in the center, but in Leidschenveen-Ypenburg it shouldn’t be any problem.

Tip 2: Know where to look

Every day new rentals hit the market, but unfortunately not all in 1 place. The offering is spread out over so many different sites, it’s ridiculous. If you list the best sites and keep that list at hand, you are one step ahead in your search. Don’t make the mistake to only search on the larger sites such as Pararius and Funda. They do not have all the rentals. You must include the many smaller websites like for instance Verrarealestate or Esteta if you want to be succesful. RentSlam continuously monitors all trustworthy website 24/7. This is how we find more rental apartments than any other service out there. You also need to be careful with fake sites that offer great apartments for low prices. Those are almost always a scam.

Tip 3: Search throughout the entire day

I totally understand if you don’t feel like doing that, but it does work. There simply are too many people interested in renting the same property as you are. So getting there first is all the difference between getting it or not. So just looking online during your lunch breack and at night when you are in bed is not going to work, you will almost always be too late to apply. New rentals are listed online throughout the day, so you must check all the websites as often as you possibly can.

Refreshing all those websites all day long…
Who on earth wants that?

Not me!

Tip 4: Stop working!

Yeah… Who doesnt want to stop working? All kidding aside, it is extremely time consuming to search for all those rentals, apply to them, and go to viewings. On top, real estate agents usually only do viewings during office hours. So do yourself a favor and make your apartment hunt your number 1 priority, take a week off from work, and it will be done before you know it. Customers often tell us that on the way to viewings they schedule their next viewing. That has helped them to rent a place in a matter of days.

Tip 5: Change your search criteria

If you find that there are not enough properties matching your requirements, change them. Broaden your search area by adding more locations. Increase your budget, lower your minimum m2 requirement, etc. Don’t forget to adjust them as well in any email notifications that you have set.

Rent an apartment in The Hague faster

To be quite honest, doing all this work drove us mad. That is why we started RentSlam. Our service sends you emails with matching property instantly as they become available. We only use trustworthy sources, so you don’t need to worry about scams. It really saves you so much time, because you no longer need to search all those sites 10 times a day. It really works, and most of our customers find an apartment fast.

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