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Rental properties in Haarlem

Looking for Rental properties in Haarlem?

The municipality of Haarlem, packed with history, culture and countless opportunities to live. It is a vibrant city located in the province of North Holland. Many see rental housing in Haarlem as a good alternative to the capital city of Amsterdam. Despite not having a university, the city is certainly suitable to live in as a student. Haarlem is known for its rich history, dating back to the Middle Ages.

Haarlem is also known for its many cultural attractions.

Some well-known museums are the Teylers museum, museum of the mind and the Frans Hals museum. The Teylers museum is located in the Vijfhoek, a cozy neighborhood in Haarlem’s historic city center that makes a pentagonal shape on the map. Below we will elaborate on some of Haarlem’s nice neighborhoods.

The city with the perfect location: central and near the coast

The city of Haarlem which is part of the Randstad has first of all a good accessibility by both public transport and car. Haarlem’s location on the Spaarne River and near the North Sea coast also makes for beautiful landscapes. The adjacent Zuid-Kennemerland National Park and the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes offer plenty of opportunities for walking, cycling and enjoying nature. A beach day is easily arranged at the nearby seaside resorts of Zandvoort, IJmuiden or Bloemendaal aan zee. Where would you like to live in Haarlem? Read on and find your neighborhood for a rental property in Haarlem.

Rental housing in Haarlem

The search for rental housing in Haarlem can be challenging due to high demand and limited availability. Many people want to live in this popular city, so there is often more demand than supply. As a result, competition is high. We at RentSlam can help you find your new home. Read on and find out how it works!

Renting in Haarlem: which district suits you?

Haarlem, a charming city steeped in history, offers many different housing types in various neighborhoods. From the quaint old city center to the green suburbs, each neighborhood has its own unique appeal.

Rental property in Haarlem in the historic center

The historic center of Haarlem exudes a nostalgic atmosphere with its beautiful canals, medieval architecture and cozy squares. The Grote Markt, with its imposing town hall and the impressive Sint-Bavokerk, is the heart of the city. Living here means being immersed in art, culture and local crafts.

Tapping an owl (beer) at the owl bar or tasting the home-brewed Jopen beer at the Jopen church can all be done in the historic center. The so-called golden streets are also located in the historic center of Haarlem. These streets are known for their charming architecture, local stores, boutiques, cafes and the overall atmosphere of the city.

The characteristic Leidse neighborhood

The Leidse neighborhood west of the old city center represents the atmospheric neighborhoods just outside the center, with characteristic townhouses and a warm community atmosphere. Residents can enjoy quiet streets while still taking advantage of Haarlem’s nearby city center.

The neighborhood has many great stores, as well as cultural and social events such as markets, festivals and art exhibitions. This adds to the neighborhood’s dynamism and gives residents the opportunity to be involved with the neighborhood residents.

A cozy mix of culture and nature

Schalkwijk is the largest urban area in the municipality of Haarlem. It covers almost 25% of the total area of Haarlem. This neighborhood is generally known as a relatively affordable neighborhood to live in. There are several reasons to choose this neighborhood.

This neighborhood reflects diversity with lively markets and a cozy mix of cultures. Here you will find the shopping center and the beautiful Molenplas recreational area, among other things. It also has excellent public transportation connections.

The classic Kleverpark neighborhood

The Kleverpark neighborhood north of the station district is known for its green surroundings, beautiful architecture, with many historic houses dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Many of these houses have characteristic details, such as high ceilings, ornate facades and large windows. Rental prices here are on average higher than in the rest of Haarlem.

Luxury rental homes near Haarlem

Bloemendaal, on the outskirts of the city, offers an exclusive lifestyle with luxury homes and beautiful nature at your fingertips. It is a landscape of lush estates and stately villas in an oasis of greenery and elegance.

Residents can enjoy sprawling gardens, beautiful forests and breathtaking dune landscapes. Proximity to the beach and dunes offers countless opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation.

Away from the hustle and bustle in Haarlem

Overveen shares the same allure and also offers access to lush surroundings. The neighborhood is known for its picturesque streets, boutique stores and cozy cafes. With historic charm mixed with modern amenities, Overveen is a place where the rich past goes hand in hand with contemporary comforts. These exclusive neighborhoods not only have aesthetic appeal, but also offer a sense of community and privacy. Residents can enjoy the quiet lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while still benefiting from proximity to Haarlem’s bustling city center.

How many rooms do you need?

For singles or couples, a studio can be an excellent choice. A studio combines a living and sleeping area in one space, making it an efficient and cozy living space. Studios can be rented furnished or unfurnished, depending on your needs.

If you need more space or have a family, a single-family home is the ideal option. Haarlem has several neighborhoods with spacious rental homes, where you can enjoy a family-friendly environment and all the amenities you need.

How expensive is a rental property in Haarlem center?

Rental prices in Haarlem vary depending on the type of property, location and size. In general, rental prices in Haarlem are higher than the national average. In Haarlem’s historic city center, rental prices for apartments and studios can be significantly higher due to the demand for housing in this popular and picturesque area. For a studio or small apartment in the center, you can expect rental prices ranging from around €800 to €1500 or even more per month, depending on the size and quality of the property.

Housing supply in the suburbs

Outside the center, in neighborhoods such as the Leidsebuurt or Schalkwijk, rental prices may be slightly lower. Here you can expect rental prices for similar properties to range from around €800 to €1200 per month. At RentSlam you will find a wide range of rental properties in Haarlem in all types of neighborhoods. For more exclusive neighborhoods such as Bloemendaal and Overveen, where luxury homes and larger estates are available, rental prices can be considerably higher, possibly ranging from €1500 to several thousand euros per month.

Private or free sector rental in Haarlem?

Private sector rental properties in Haarlem are rented out by private landlords. These rental properties are often free sector rental properties and have a higher rental price. Rental houses Haarlem in the free sector have no maximum rent and are not bound by income limits. However, there is often a minimum income requirement. They offer more choice and freedom, but can also be more expensive. For houses in the free sector you usually do not need to be registered with a housing association.

RentSlam offers a solution for rental housing Haarlem

RentSlam offers a solution to the challenges of finding your rental property in Haarlem. Using advanced technology and extensive search filters, RentSlam sends you instant notifications as soon as new rental properties become available. This way, you are always aware of new rental properties and get a head start on other house seekers.. 

Endless scrolling for your rental property in Haarlem is a thing of the past

You no longer have to endlessly scour different websites or wait for awkward waiting lists. We also offer personalized options, so you only receive relevant notifications that match your criteria. Did you know that we can also offer you a rental agent? That person can help you with much more than you think!

From picking the type of rental property in Haarlem, to which neighborhood suits you best, to the budget and maximum rent you can pay. RentSlam helps you find your ideal rental property in Haarlem! Subscribe to our platform, read our tips and before you know it, you will find your new rental property in Haarlem!