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Relocation Services

Finding a house for rent is just one of the many things you may need to arrange when moving to the Netherlands. What else can RentSlam help you with?

What needs to be done when moving to the Netherlands?

You are probably thinking about your new job and where you will find your new home. But depending on your situation, there are many more things to consider. Think about getting a social security number, a bank account, schools for your children, etc. Below are some of the things we can help with to make your relocation easier.

Pre-move Orientation Tour

Pre moving orientation

Prepare for a smooth transition with our pre-move orientation tour in the Netherlands. Our local Field Consultant will provide valuable insights on your new home town, school options, shopping spots, sports, culture, and daily life. Gain a realistic preview of life in the Netherlands, including house viewings, to help you make informed decisions before your international move.

Temporary Accommodation

Temporary accomodation

Ensuring a smooth transition, we offer personalized support in finding temporary accommodation, including selecting suitable serviced options, handling bookings, and facilitating check-ins and check-outs. Enjoy the comfort of a kitchenette for a homely stay, all at reduced rates through our partnerships with temporary accommodation providers.

Settling-In Services

Settling in your new home

Discover our Settling-In Services designed to ease your transition. Choose between Essential and Complete packages tailored to your needs. The key difference lies in the level of support provided by our Field Consultant during appointments. From coordination of airport pick-up to assistance with opening a bank account, health insurance, and more, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Access our handy platform filled with local information and enjoy the peace of mind knowing our Relocation Consultant is available to answer your questions for up to 90 days after your arrival.

Schools & Day Care

Schools and Day care

Discover the best educational options for your child. From researching and advising on schools to arranging tours and assisting with registration, we’re here to support you in finding the perfect fit. Explore our daycare center search services to ensure your child’s care is in good hands.

Partner and Cultural

Cultural activities

Partner Support: Providing tailored research and advice for accompanying partners, including information on international studies, employment opportunities, voluntary work, sports clubs, expat groups, memberships, and more.

Introduction to the Dutch Job Market: Join us for an online presentation offering insights and tips on navigating the Dutch job market. Learn about the Dutch employment landscape, work culture, crafting Dutch CVs & motivation letters, recruitment agencies for internationals, networking opportunities, self-employment options, volunteering, and key contacts.

Introduction to Dutch Culture: Immerse yourself in the Dutch way of life with our Dutch Cultural Workshop. Gain insights into Dutch customs, habits, societal norms, work culture, communication styles, and tips for interacting with locals. Explore topics like cultural shock, social etiquette, hobbies, medical practices, and more to help you feel at home in the Netherlands.

Other Services

Other relocation services

We facilitate access to a range of additional services through our carefully curated network of trusted providers. These services include but are not limited to flight ticket bookings, airport pick-up coordination, move management, furniture rental, language courses, and car services.

Our goal is to ensure seamless support for our clients by connecting them with reliable professionals in various fields, making their transition smoother and more efficient. Contact us for expert coordination and support in accessing these additional services.

Departure Services

Departure services

As you wrap up your assignment, take advantage of our special departure package, which covers lease cancellation, check-out assistance, deposit return monitoring, de-registration, utilities and internet service cancellation, and other closing services.

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Please note: The relocation services are offerd in cooperation with our partners with whom we will share your information