Wansa & Dominic

We had been looking for an apartment for quite some time. It was hard and time consuming to say the least. There are so many websites with long term rentals. Some are not even up-to-date, or difficult to navigate. Using the Rentslam service was super easy. All the search and selection work was done automatically. We received rentals that had just come online and matched our search criteria. The only thing we needed to do was respond to those we liked.

We heard that people found a house within days of using the service. It took us a couple of weeks though. But I guess that was because we were really picky, and had lots of requirements. Still, we could not have done it this fast without Rentslam.

We noticed that many listings had an “open huis” within 2 days of coming online. This was when most of them got rented out. So in our opinion it is crucial to respond immediately to the e-mails you receive. This is the only way to be invited to the open house events.

Enjoy Amsterdam,

Wansa and Dominic.