"Searching a place is very difficult in Amsterdam. That is why I decided to subscribe to Rentslam. Every day I received many suggestions. Eventually I found a place via Rentslam. The search filter works pretty good and you can update it as often as you want. Thanks for your help. Kind regards, Diederick."

Corby & Lizzie

Corby & Lizzie

"We had a great experience with RentSlam. Peter went above and beyond to help us find an apartment within a couple weeks. We would highly recommend this reasonably priced service and will be using it the next time we move in Amsterdam without a doubt. Best Regards, Corby & Lizzie."

Olga & Balázs


"We have heard all these horror stories about how hard it is to find a nice apartment in Amsterdam… Surprisingly, within two weeks after signing up for RentSlam we have signed the contract for our new apartment. The apartment was exactly what we were looking for, in an old Dutch house with big windows, leaning walls, narrow but cute stairs. We would recommend RentSlam to anyone: they are quick, helpful, and the price per value is amazing. And in our case, no need to deal with real estate agents. Best Regards, Olga & Balázs."



"Thank you so much for helping me find a house in the jungle of Amsterdam! Rentslam saved me lots of time browsing the Internet for apartments. They increased my chances incredibly by allowing me to respond sooner. Thanks to Rentslam I found an apartment that is perfect for me and within my budget. I doubt I would’ve come across it without their service. Thank you!! Lisa."

Daan Klijn


"2 hours after we registered, the first matches already arrived in my e-mail. Between the first few matches we found a great house that we have not encountered on other sites in recent months. We immediately responded to this house and the day after I was called that we could come for a visit. Now we are living here and we are enjoying this little gem that RentSlam has brought us every day! We never expected any service to give us something so great in such a short time, thank you very much RentSlam!"

Claudia de Pieri


"The fact that RentSlam sent us notifications via email as soon as properties came online made it easier to apply and view apartments as quickly as possible. We were lucky enough to view our new apartment 4 hours after it came online and the next day we were signing the contract!"

Caterina Vetrugno


"We had been looking for an apartment in Amsterdam for quite some time, looking on many websites at least 3 times a day. Before we used RentSlam, we were never invited to. Once we signed up for RentSlam it all changed and went really fast. We received many e-mails with lots of rentals. Everything within our price range and matching our search criteria. Because we were able to respond immediately, we were invited to many viewings. After having viewed 6 apartments within 2 days of using the service, we were selected for an apartment. A couple of days later we signed the contract and received the keys. The fact that RentSlam sent us rentals from so many different sources made the difference. It really saved us lots of time. We received many more available rentals than we could have possibly found by ourselves. What we learned was that speed is key in finding a place to live. You have to get there first! We were actually checking the RentSlam emails on our way to, and in between viewings, to arrange our next viewing. This worked perfectly. We hope you will have the same success we had, we are loving our new home. Ciao! Caterina Vetrugno"